Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Home, Sweet Home ..

What makes a hoUSe a hoME? 

Ironically, I think it is keeping the "us" and while still celebrating the "me".  


My logic:

Keeping the "us" in a house, literally, even as it evolves in to a home, and at the same time not ignoring but optimally celebrating the "me" in the home, literally, is what I think makes a house a home. Ironic but true! What say?  

Togetherness is what defines a home; yet, lack of optimum space for each member makes it suffocating.  There goes the formula of a house >> home.

Talking of 'space', its an extension and reflection of our personality and what we like. Spaces celebrate us as much as we celebrate them.  Expression is a primal human need (oh yes, and a Constitutional guarantee). 

Spaces are how our homes express us.

hmm.. after that mini, self-proponent (i think i must copyright what i wrote above, seriously) thesis, allow me to tell you .. i own neither a house nor a home as i write this .. never married as of today and don't own property.

But, but, that is about to change .. God willing!  Here's to me starting a family and buying a house in my name .. I long to.  Its coming .. 

So, as soon as i get my house, here is how I will convert it to a home - in one of the rooms, i will go 'Retro'.  Yes, I'm, as many of our regular readers know, a classicist at heart.  Vintage i value! Retro I respect! 

These are my choicest picks from Best of Home Decor for my 'Retro' room at home:

Indian Traditional Night Lamp in 925 Silver

Lovely isn't it? I have enlarged the picture above.

In case you want to see the picture in its original size, here we go:

Yes, I'm a born jewellerista who loves precious metals and intricate jeweled patterns. 

I fell in love with this lamp, at first sight.  The dove motif on it is very retro. So are the laced filigreed carvings. An object of beauty to behold. Its a contemporary electrical lamp with the aura of a retro persona :) Win, win solution! Its crafted in pure 925 silver so its a keepsake treasure i would love to hand over to the next generation.

I even pinned it to the 'Antiques & Collectibles Value Guide' global Pinterest group board, for which I am one of the contributors, with over 1780+ followers :) 

 Digitally printed 'Retro' Themed Cushion Cover:

I have always loved Raja Ravi Varma paintings. Love those vintage faces and their full, prosperous silhouettes.

This cushion cover, printed in an ultra-modern (digital) way, recreates some old world magic for me:

By the way, don't miss her gorgeous ear cuff :)

'Bani Thani with Pigeon' Gemstone Painting:

Yes, once a jewellerista, always a jewellerista. 

In total love with this painting. Love the teal and pale mauve hues, of course, as a fashionista.

Not to be missed are the red dipped finger tips! 

Its soothing, recreates an era, and, has the dove .. to match the aforesaid night lamp!  Remember, the 'us' is as important as the 'me'. Nice together, that, what say?

So, that's my cherry picking for my retro home.

Like it?

What would your theme be and what would you pick?
I am even thinking, if i can fulfill my dream of owning an independent house with a garden (I hate apartments - find them suffocating for my soul), i might do up each room with a different theme - so going from one room to the other is actually a passage to a different era! Wow!

Cheers :)

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