Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Zenfone – The ultimate game changer

Just a single invention from Asus manufacturing house can change the entire outlook towards current smartphones . Asus tries to ensure that a single look at their Zenfone will make you change your mind, and grab this option, as fast as possible. Available in 3 major series and within an affordable range, anyone can flaunt their style, with this single purchase.

Among so many varied inventions from Asus house, Zenfone is leading the chart, currently. With Truvivid technology, you can always enjoy the LCD module along with sensor glass. Available in attractive fashion-centric colors, the Zenfone from Asus, comprises of ceramic covers. The screen is known for its scratch resistant features, which can offer you with a smooth touch experience as well.

The touch response time of this fabulous phone from Asus is quite unbelievable. It will hardly take a few seconds of one's time to experience that it is indeed hard to believe, but cent percent true!

Moreover, you will love the anti-fingerprint coating, which is useful, even if you are wearing gloves. If you are looking for the best deals, available right now, log onto and look for the recent deals on Asus’ Zenfone.

Performance is the main parameter that keeps the user glued to this phone. This phone comes with a multi-core processor, making it super-fast and a powerful device. 

The Zenfone YouTube video has more information:

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The Online Coupons Loot is well & truly ON!

Belonging to the online generation has its evolution, you see.

First, we came online to stay connected. Began with email & culminated in social media.

Slowly, we started to live online.

Then, we started to shop online.

For fashionistas, the evolution had a further, highly eventual, micro step, if you will - we lived to shop online!

Now, the latest evolutionary development, of course, is the online coupons / offers / deal discovery wave.  

I have loved every bit of it and have found significant benefit in the online coupons on offer.  

A recent entrant in the buoyant Indian online coupons arena is

Well, who doesn't like a good deal? We all do.  And, its free. I don't have to pay anything for any coupon. So, I plunged right into Zoutons.

Setting up an account for myself took exactly a minute - plain, simple & easy user interface registered me & emailed me my credentials.

I loved the 'Subscribe' option the site intuitively threw up even as I was barely onto the turf.  Subscribing with one's email will bring in all the coupon and deal info right onto our inbox.

What works well:

In my opinion, the following are a big thumbs up:

Wide categories:

The range of coupon categories on offer is impressive.

Frankly, I discovered more categories than Zoutons has listed above.  For example, being the jewellerista I am, as regular readers know, I naturally tend to mine great jewelry deals online.  So, I would love to see Jewelry being mentioned as a separate category because Zoutons does have a good spread currently:

Peora: Flat 12 percent off sitewide sale.

Clicking on "Get the (coupon) code" also nicely opened up the Peora site :)

Merely typing in "Jewel" in the home page search box brought up more delectable jewelry coupons / deal discovery:

I know Mom will love this one - its so 'different' and but for Zoutons, we would have completely not known this online site for Rudraksha (sacred for Hindus) & gemstones:

Popular & Latest Coupons:

The home page renders the online coupon hunt much user friendly with neat enumeration of the 'Popular' & the 'Latest' coupons.

Top Stores:

The horizontal menu bar on the home page gives one an option to access the 'Top Stores', i.e., the top online shops/stores/sites based on experiential user rating on Zoutons.

The top stores at the moment:

Top Banks:

This is a first I have seen for India.  Much appreciate this feature. 

Special offers / coupons by bank (for those of us with multiple credit and debit cards, this is a boon) nicely collated & summarized.  This will come particularly handy during festival gifting seasons like Diwali and Christmas.

Distinction between a Coupon and a Deal:

The site also nicely distinguishes between online coupons and online deals:

What can improve?

1.  I would love to see more categories, that actually exist, such as Jewelry, called out. 

2.  The FAQ (frequently asked and answered questions) is still work in progress and we await it being launched.

3.  I would love to see Zoutons more active on social media, especially twitter :) I mean, spread the good word a lot more. Because, at the moment, its the privileged ones like yours truly who are saving & having fun when the online coupons rain! With more word going out, a larger cross-section can benefit.

So, there we go .. jump onto the online coupon and deal discovery bandwagon .. there is nothing to lose & plenty much to gain. You can choose to start with, for example, Flipkart: 

You can find Zoutons on:

Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience with Zoutons. 

Cheers :)