Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Even Supermen Shave!

Well groomed is well armed.  

Leading that armory .. for both ladies & gentlemen .. are hair & face.

For me, personally, a clean face (sans acne for ladies & sans stubble for the gentlemen) is an instant, healthy people connect.  Color doesn't matter.  Clean quotient does.

I never pondered if I am the only one who is thus predisposed.  And, how the larger world perceives this. What defines us & our personalities .. first & foremost? Are we all men & women or guys & gals of action alone? Are our impressions made long before we act or deliver results? And, are results a substituting or compensating effect for 'less than par' grooming standards?

Until I made this discovery in the run up to this post .. 

Lest you either think I am the only one or you think this is for ordinary mortals .. ah, ah .. hang on .. take a look at .. what I discovered ..

A bevy of, well, no, not beauties .... a bevy of Supermen .. take grooming very seriously .. and are caught shaving!

Utter "Supermen" and my top two favorites are, indeed, Batman & Spiderman. From childhood, they have always been men in my life .. first through comics & then through Hollywood movies.

Batman, quite simply, for making sure Gotham City doesn't become 'Go to them' city, preventing it from falling prey to evil. 

Spiderman, for poignantly & repeatedly, spinning home the truth that "Great Power comes with Great Responsibility".

If there ever is a feeling that only money & power matter, then, here are our supermen, out to dispel that .. they groom first .. deliver next.

I caught them shaving .. and, needless to say, was amazed.

Even more, I was quite amused to see how they shave; a picture, they say, is worth a thousand words, so partake your thousand right below:

Image Courtesy - Artist: DragonArte

These are, just to reinforce, "Supermen"!

I would think these supermen are beyond life's everyday foibles.  Their selves are what I would call, beyond selfies!

And if these supermen can, right before setting out each day to save our world, give grooming its due .. well, well, men on Earth .. that's some super message.

Grooming counts .. and I guess the smarter ones .. make it count for them.

Meanwhile, Gentlemen, never mind, what in my opinion, are the super messy ways of these supermen grooming themselves.  

You sure have smarter ways of shaving & grooming.  Thanks to Gillette.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, grab your armor.  Get well armed.

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Cheers :)