Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Where do I want to go? My Travel Wish List

For a change, of all my wish lists, this one is not a fashion wish list :-)  Its a travel wish list.  Of the top five favorite travel destinations I would like to visit, again and again.

I think nothing widens horizons in life as travel.  For me, travel, personally, signifies learning more than leisure (though I could be unwinding on a break, as travel has unanimously come to be identified in our generation). 

Let's check-in to my top five favorite travel destinations, the whys and whatnot:


From its textiles, gems & jewelry to its destination wedding quotient, Rajasthan lures the fashionista cum jewellerista cum romantic in me, to the hilt.

From bandhani to block printing, Rajasthani textiles had me wrapped all over (pun intended) very early in life;

I love the vibrant colors, the play of motifs, the quality of craftsmanship - to me, its a celebration of India at its best.

As a fond & born jewellerista, I can tell you Jaipur (in Rajasthan) is the place to go to if one wants to buy gemstones.   

In a land like India that is a treasure trove of ornamentation legacy, we pretty much have jewels for everything.  This one, is a turban jewel and I can't stop taking in its spectacular play of colors and translucent gem stones. Just my kind of thing. 

Intricate jewelry forms such as Jadau & Meenakari, among many others, are from Rajasthan.

Already the established traditional wedding destination leader in India, Rajasthan's pink hued & lake palaces are a big draw for me.


Boom! If you think that moving to Colombia from Rajasthan is pole vaulting, fret not - its a fine gem that connects my penchant for both - yes, emeralds.  Colombian emeralds at that. 

Ever since I know myself, I have been in love with colored gem stones - the more translucent the more my love (I reckon, others would call it obsession).

The Colombian emerald has a distinguishing hue & translucence that completely awes me. 

I dream of visiting Colombia at least once this lifetime to pick my very own emeralds.  What would I make with them? Oh, for a start, a very Indian neckpiece, such as this one :)  

Oh wait, that is just for the starters.  The list is pretty unwinding punctuated by dangling earrings, statement pendants & cocktail rings. 


Paris is every fashionista's dream come true.  I would love to visit during the Fashion Week(s)! 

From the ramps to the champs (elysees), its an onlooker's paradise.

Needless to say, its shopping heaven.

From the Eiffel tower to French architecture, there is plenty much to visit & photograph.


Blame it on Yash Chopra, if you will, we can't be Indian without nursing a penchant for Switzerland.  Growing up on his movies eulogizing (through camera speak) Switzerland's Alps, valleys and pristine nature, its always the gold standard in vacationing.

I would love to criss cross Switzerland in the trains with spectacular views, play with snow & the cows :)

The chocolates of course, for an already incurably shopaholic me, would easily constitute more baggage on the way back. 

I would love to hop into Germany from there, for, I am a loyal German football fan by birth :)

Abu Dhabi:

This one is entirely because of Formula 1 (F1) and the Yas Marina circuit. Since its advent on the F1 circuit, this has become my fascination.  I would love to visit and watch the F1 race live - even from the yachts anchored nearby :)

The circuit is what I call seven star and its breathtaking views, especially when all lit up, adds to its aura.

hmm.... those are all expensive propositions, you reckon? Well, when penchant vies with price, it often triumphs the latter :)

Thanks to the Internet of things and economy, we have that gospel of modern e-commerce to our rescue: the 'coupons'.

Coupons open a world of savings for me, helping me derive more experience for my money.

Take, for example; to plan these trips, I could utilize all of these coupons up right now:

Goodness me, there are 211 active coupons and 52 active offers as I blog.

Let's take a look at some of the gems: this coupon appeals to me for the instant cashback of Rs.12,000 on international flight tickets:

The next one gives fifty percent off hotel bookings, voila! 

Name it and we have it! there are even coupons for twenty five percent excess baggage (currently on Air India flights). That's just perfect for the shopaholic me who brings a big part of my travel back with me in assorted souvenirs - from jewelry & gemstones to souvenirs such as ostrich egg, boomerang (yeah, I brought them from South Africa and Australia respectively) and collectibles.

There is another coupon that gives me up to eighteen percent off an entire Rajasthan package :)

That is not all - coupons can be browsed by category, including jewelry :) And they span the alpha (sites) and beta of the e-commerce landscape. Check them out.

Hope you enjoy this post.  This post is my entry to the 27coupons Autumn Blogging contest.  If you would like to take part, just jump in and submit your blog post - oh by the way, while you submit, could you please put in my email ID (which is, in the 'referred by' field?  On that note, happy discovering coupons and happy blogging!

Cheers :) 

My Ruffled Hem Ladies Blazer from Dresslink

Well, wish lists are for fulfilling, what say?

That brings us to my Dresslink wish list.  Saw my earlier post?

I now have & can flaunt the Ruffled Hem Ladies Blazer.

I ordered it in Royal Blue color & received it under a week after ordering, complete with shipment tracking number and status.

I would classify myself as a romantic fashionista - in a lifelong romance with ruffles & sheer besides hues & colors.

I crave that feminine touch in every apparel & accessory. 

I love blazers and have a good collection already but often rue that blazers could easily make do with a (lot) more feminine touch besides just the colors. 

So, when this ruffled hem ladies blazer from Dresslink caught my eyes, it naturally caught my fancy first & my shopping cart soon thereafter.

Take a look:

Made from polyester, this blazer is light weight yet optimally thick enough for a nice fit and fall.

It comes with silky lining; I love its puff sleeves to go with its superstar feature - the layered ruffled hem giving it an unmistakable feminine touch. 

The blazer is available in 4 colors, so take your pick.

I haven't seen such layered hem blazers in India across brands / outlets (online and offline). 

Besides, I find Dresslink the best value for money option.  Even shipping cost me just USD 7.50 approximately. In addition, one can also get cash coupon for registering + credits for shopping + credits for reviewing, all of which can be used for the next order.

Dresslink's customer service via email is responsive and timely.

When I was just checking out, I chanced upon this professional soft makeup brush and promptly added it to my shopping cart.  

Given my under-eye dark circles (which, a la SRK's quote, run upto my knees), this is now my best concealer brush.

Hope you like my picks - go grab yours.

And await more of my wish list to be reviewed here :)

Cheers :)

Saturday, 8 August 2015

#GetAirtel4G with just 1 Tweet

Well, fresh air & water may be in short supply in our lives currently, but certainly, twitter and Internet took over my life and I am sure almost each of ours, quite a while back.
We have been very hungry and insatiable with our appetite for faster Internet and social media presence.  
I found it super interesting that, twitter can now open the doors to faster Internet in India.
How you ask? 
Heard of Airtel 4G

Yes Airtel 4G is since launched in India.  So, what does twitter have to do with it?
A single tweet can get you a free Airtel 4G SIM.  So, if you hold a 4G phone and have an Airtel association, all you have to do is tweet to Airtel with the hashtag #GetAirtel4G.  Don't believe me? Try it. 
Its for real - Airtel offers a unique 4G SIM delivery service, wherein any Airtel user with a 4G handset can tweet using #GetAirtel4G to get a 4G SIM delivered to their home for free.
And, here is how this works:
Once a user tweets #GetAirtel4G (s)he gets a reply from @AirtelIndia twitter handle directing the user to a link where a user needs to enter her/his details for SIM delivery.
So, what are you waiting for? Go grab it.
I like this promotion for two reasons: (1) there is always much hype before any launch and the fact is, proof of the pudding lies in the eating - so offering an experience sounds credible (2) i have always been a loving twitter user (my second account has 120K+ tweets) and love the way twitter is linked to this user experience.
So, if you hold or have access (family member's phone) to a 4G phone and want Airtel 4G, all it takes is one tweet to experience the Internet highway at a much faster pace.
Happy browsing! Actually, i know, it has to read as 'happy streaming' or 'happy playing (games)' :-)
Cheers :)

Friday, 24 July 2015

My Police Complaint in Chennai, 20th July 2015

I filed a police complaint at the Chennai Police Commissioner's Office, Vepery [very near the newspaper Dhina Thanthi office] on Monday, 20th July 2015 against my stalker and his employer (plus others who I have submitted are, in my view and as per evidence enclosed, abetting) for stalking, phone tapping, me being kept under surveillance - offline & on the Internet and allied matters.

Since my stalker is a Gujarati by demographic origin & works as Senior Vice President with Reliance Industries Limited, Mumbai [whose promoters are Gujaratis & are seen in the media to be close to the ruling Indian Central Government with a Gujarati Prime Minister], I am very uneasy and afraid that I may be harmed / killed / kidnapped / raped / falsely implicated in something to scuttle my police complaint and its amicable resolution.

Due to this fear, I have uploaded my police complaint and the over 700 pages of printed evidence I gave them plus a CD I have submitted to the police (with evidence like photos etc.). 

Anyone reading this - be it the general public or any form of media [print, web, video/TV, radio, social media and any other form of public dissemination - please do NOT publish anything without my prior written consent - when I am still alive.  When I am still alive, I am entitled to India's fundamental right to privacy [which is a part of right to life] and therefore, without my prior written permission, nothing about me should be published [because I am a private individual without any law history as on the date of this blog post and thus far].

This blog post is being written by me, in exercise of my free speech in the Indian Democracy ONLY because I fear I may be killed and I am leaving this blog post as an evidence along with the uploaded police complaint and annexures thereto.  So, only if I am dead / rendered incapacitated / raped / kidnapped / falsely implicated in some case after today, should this be used as evidence and the people I have named in my police complaint be held suspicious for my harm / death.

Even though this blog is public and therefore this blog post is public, I am leaving this here as evidence just in case something untoward happens to me - therefore, when I am still alive, kindly do NOT reproduce or quote or drag me into any controversy - without my prior written permission.  This applies to media of any form and private individuals.  I do NOT want my details splashed around without my prior written permission, when I am alive.  If I am dead or injured/harmed to render me incapacitated or if I am falsely implicated in some case beyond this date, this should be used as evidence to save me.

The police complaint along with all the matter submitted to the police as evidence accompanying the complaint [700+ pages of printed paper evidence plus one CD] have been uploaded here in this main folder:

There is also a sub-folder with photos and other evidence submitted to the police on that one CD:

The acknowledgement the Commissioner of Police office gave for my aforesaid complaint is reproduced below:


I am a native Indian woman citizen, resident at the same address in Chennai for the last 25 years with no law history.

I am quite highly educated in Finance, Corporate Law with additional qualifications in computers & application software.

I had written this blog post on my stalking nightmare in May 2014.

My stalker (the plaintiff) had, without any notice to me (which is, actually, against principles of natural justice), filed a civil defamation case in the Mumbai High Court in end-June 2014.  I did not even know until the first order was passed by the Mumbai High Court that I should not write about my stalker.

Only after that order, my stalker's lawyers sent me the same - so by the time I even got to know, for the first ever time, it was 30th June 2014 or thereafter.

I had never gone to the media and had in fact, soon after the blog post was written, same night, emailed my stalker to please come forward and close my trauma so I can withdraw the blog post.  Nothing happened. He has throughout operated from the background never coming forward.

The case number in the Mumbai High Court is:

SL/613/2014 with a new number in 2015 as S/301/2015.
Associated Notice of Motion NMSL/1466/2014.
Associated Chamber Summons:
CHS/1016/2014 and CHSL/1487/2014

Because no lawyer would represent me, under deep trauma [even the postman to my residential locality during those 6 months was a changed new person - not the person who used to be with us for decades earlier] because of one registered post after the other from my stalker's lawyers - I finally, making use of my corporate law education, researched and studied 'Civil Defamation' provisions and discovered that truth is the ultimate defence for it and as long as I had written the truth and can prove to the Court that what I had written was substantially true, nothing can be done to me.  So, I wrote down, signed my entire defence along with all the evidence and sent it (a) by Govt. post with acknowledgement cards (b) by email to the (1) The Judge under whom the case was listed then (2) The Registrar General (aka Protho Notary & Senior Master of the Original side of the Mumbai HC).  Email read receipts have been received [I embed my email with software that specifically says which IP address reads the email when].  All of this have been provided as evidence with the Police complaint.

The Registrar General (Protho Notary) wrote to me saying I should not write to the Judge and should appoint a lawyer.  I wrote back to him I am unable to appoint a lawyer and I fear the plaintiff and his connections are ensuring the same.

After that, in November 2014, the Court passed an order that I should be provided an advocate.  That was it.  NOTHING happened thereafter - today, we are in end July 2015.  However, soon thereafter, suddenly, with nothing being told to me, the Mumbai High Court suddenly appears to have raised 'office objections' over the plaintiff's case and many components of the case stood dismissed.  Afraid that it must not be some backdoor withdrawal of the case, I again wrote to the Registrar General that the case must NOT be allowed to be withdrawn or dismissed - in which case, the Court would have utilized to merely intimidate and threaten me.  Things stand here.  The alleged third defendant, I have suspected was planted and the second defendant Google appears to have taken themselves out of the case [nobody informed me anything - I am merely coming to that conclusion observing publicly uploaded documents regarding the case on Mumbai High Court's website]. 

Further, I have submitted in my police complaint that my Vodafone mobile number 98840 50200, a number I have held in my name, as a postpaid connection throughout, all the while with Vodafone [in 2002, when I first got it, it was with Orange, then became Hutch, the Hutchison Essar and then slowly Vodafone] has been tapped since July 2014. 

How do I know my phone has been tapped?

- I suddenly heard strange click sounds even when the phone was idle;

- Every time I made a call, there was tell-tale change in volume as well as signal display

- Every lawyer I spoke to - after the case was filed - went silent or refused to help me, after the first call.

- Every recruitment consultant and employment engagement I had over that phone went silent after the first call.

- When I reported to Vodafone and filed a complaint, my access to human customer care agents was cut off [I could only hear music and nobody would come - later, that option itself was not present in IVR - the option that used to say "dial _ number to speak to our customer service agent"].

- With Vodafone India, for my mobile number 98840 50200, I was on a lifetime rental free postpaid connection for the last five / six years as of 2014 [pursuant to a Vodafone scheme in 2008 wherein one can pay an one-time fee of Rs.999 provided there was a certain Postpaid history with Vodafone].  I have been a Vodafone India Club 10 member [those privileged customers who have been with Vodafone India for over 10 years].  Suddenly, in my bill dated August 5, 2014, pertaining to the period July 2014, Vodafone India levied a monthly rental of Rs.99 {Vodafone Basic rental}. 

- I immediately wrote to them and went to the Vodafone store and protested.  They reversed the charge in the next bill, however, told me (without any reasons) that if I wanted to continue, I have to pay the rental [I suspect this was only because of tapping].

- When I went to the Vodafone store (where I know the staff, by virtue of being a special Vodafone customer for years), I was made to wait over one and half hours whilst they went on a call with their Vodafone legal team - while I was waiting there and could somewhat hear from the sitting area (they were talking from a small cubicle).  At the end of the call, they refused to take the complaint letters I took with me.

- I was almost crying and as a woman and as a customer they knew, I informally understood that there was a Govt. order to tap my phone and they can do nothing and they advised me to file a police complaint and that they would cooperate with the police. 

- I left the Vodafone store shattered and thereafter, Vodafone India - despite me being on an evidenced 'lifetime rental free postpaid connection' at least for 4 to 5 years, charged me a monthly rental of Rs.99 plus taxes each month.  I could do nothing as this number - 98840 50200 was my lifeline of 12 years then. 

- Then, slowly, too many fake (sales calls, wrong numbers) calls started arriving on this Vodafone number, despite me being a total 'Do Not Disturb' customer always - ever since that service was started in India. 

- I suspected that those calls were being routed / dumped onto my number to probably augment my call volume (to justify tapping?).

- Tired and thrashed that not only am I being forced to pay rental for me to be tapped (for no fault of mine), but am being on top of it dumped with fake calls, I wrote to Vodafone that from a new bill cycle beginning Jan 4th, 2015, midnight, I will not be paying monthly rental and therefore will not be using the phone (though, had I used it, would have gladly paid for usage) - I told them to resolve (tell me in writing why I need to pay rental and if they are revoking the lifetime free rental plan - which they cannot do because it is against prevailing TRAI - Telecom Regulatory Authority of India norms).  Nothing happened. 

- Vodafone ran mere monthly rental bills from Jan 5, 2015 to March 2015 (with no usage from me) and suspended my number of 13 years with NO notice given to me.

- A relationship manager wrote to me by email in May 2015 asking me if I want the connection reinstated, and I promptly emailed him back with all evidence and requesting that (1) rental wrongly charged from me be revoked (2) numerous customer service complaints from me regarding fake calls be handled (3) my number be restored.  He went silent. 

- I wrote over half a dozen emails, over 250 public tweets to Vodafone (from my twitter account @phantom_delight) and a comprehensive letter, with all evidence, to (a) Vodafone Nodal (b) Vodafone Appellate (c) Vodafone India CEO office delivered through Govt. of India post with acknowledgement - the acknowledgement cards received back by me through Govt. post and the entire correspondence have been annexed as evidence to the police complaint.  Email read acknowledgements that show emails being read from a Vodafone IP in Mumbai have also been submitted to the police.  Vodafone India has been DEAD SILENT.  My 13 year old number 98840 50200 remains suspended.

I then started using new aircel and airtel numbers I got for myself (in my own name, providing my identity proof) and soon enough, they also started exhibiting the same tell-tale tapping signs.  In fact, the airtel number won't even deliver any SMS on time [they arrived with a time lag ranging from a few minutes to a few hours].  Left multiple complaints with both service providers, no use.

Our home BSNL landline and the associated broadband have also been tapped during the same period.  All the details have been provided in the police complaint with the evidence I have.  BSNL linesmen whom I have known for decades stopped attending my complaints, the AE asked me to leave the service or put up and the JE stopped taking calls. I wrote emails to the Chief General Manager ID where I was blocked after three or so emails.  My emails to the public grievance email ID have never been answered.  Police have been provided all of that.

I also acquired an Airtel dongle and that has also been exhibiting the same tell-tale signs of tapping [including customer service access barred intermittently or being just put on music non-stop even for 20 minutes], no resolution for complaints, the dongle connects but there is no internet connectivity effectively, my email being read in the background using my own IP while my computer hangs].

Now, for a long time, I was afraid to go to the police - because, I suspected that for my phones to be tapped at that intensity, probably only a special police team can do.  And I feared if I went to the police, more trauma lay in store for me.  But since nothing would stop, I went to the public grievance cell of the Chennai Police at the Commissioner of Police office in Vepery on Friday, 17th July 2015 in the afternoon.  Lady inspectors there - whom I chose to speak with - asked me to come on Monday at approximately 10.30 am or so and said I can submit my complaint like other public members who come and will be taken to meet the Commissioner of Police.

I went on Monday 20th July 2015, 10.30 am.

There were a number of officers seated who were receiving, channelizing and documenting.  I was sent to the 'cyber' section [because, along with stalking etc., there has also been tapping, smart phone hacking etc. on my complaint].  I did NOT request to be sent to any specific section - the officers chose.

The person there asked me for 3 copies of my complaint [all the others were asked only 2 and I was told to bring 2 and I took 2].  So, I hurriedly went out there, nearby, took an additional photocopy and went back.  When I went back, the officer in charge of documenting merely took my 4th copy but did not seat me and write anything [for all the others, I saw him seat them and write as they narrate].  I asked him if I can sit and he will write down to which he replied, "i have already written myself; you go and sit and you will be called around 1 pm to go meet the Commissioner when everyone goes up"]. 

I waited and around 1 pm, walked up to him and reminded him that I should not be left out - at that point, seated behind him and keying something into a computer (whilst the officer I was speaking to was holding my complaint in his hands and whispering into this seated officer's ears) was (I later learnt) an ADCP - Cyber.  ADCP stands for Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police.

That ADCP - Cyber [whose first name begins with the letter 'V'] told me, "he will give you an acknowledgement" - which is the image I have reproduced above.

I took the acknowledgement and waited.

When names were called out and people stood in a line in front of the elevator to go up to meet the Commissioner of Police (in a group, with each person getting a 5 minute or so slot to speak), my name was also called out and I also stood in the line.

Getting nearer to the elevator, I told the women officers there, "I am asthmatic from the age of puberty due to my maternal grandfather being a chronic asthma patient and therefore I am claustrophobic and cannot take elevators with multiple people - if you can kindly check me and tell me the conditions (such as additional frisking, surrendering bags etc.) to take the stairs, I will obey all the conditions and come up the stairs".  Initially, they objected but then, one lady officer told me, "I will come with you and you can walk up the stairs up to the floor of the Commissioner's Office".  I profusely thanked her for her humanity and both of us started proceeding towards the staircase which was bang opposite.

As we just about set foot on the first step, the first male officer (who had documented my case and given me the acknowledgement slip) came running and said "no need to go up". 

I followed him inside a hall he was going to and he did not notice me hearing him telling that ADCP-Cyber that "we have been instructed not to bring her up".

I spoke to that ADCP-Cyber and told him I wanted to go up to meet the Commissioner like all other members of the public.  The ADCP-Cyber told me in a very stern and loud voice, "you have an improbable complaint that is not believable. so, we cannot send you up. it will be sent to an agency after which we will see what to do".

I also noticed that the first officer who had documented my case had marked the extra copy he got from me to "JC/IS" - that, I later enquired and got to know was "Joint Commissioner - Intelligence Services".  I went and asked him why he marked it there and he said "they will watch you a while"!  I was stunned and asked him, "i am the complainant, why would they watch me?".  He replied, "oh I meant they will watch everyone".

All the others went up.  I was inconsolable and sat there for say 10 minutes or so.  Then, all the lady officers there - one particular officer started shooing me away [saying, you have given your complaint, have an acknowledgement slip, please leave - you will be called if need be].

Left with no other choice, I walked out slowly.  As I was near the end of the building, a lady officer (whose name begins with 'P') came running and told me, "Mam, you don't have to go - I have been asked to make you seated and wait".

So, I went back in - and after seeing me there, the other lady officers all nearly yelled at me as to why I was back - and I told them this lady officer wanted me to come in and be seated.  She then whispered something into many of their ears.

I sat.

Nothing happened for almost 40 minutes so I asked her what is to happen. She told me, "officers from the local vepery police station will come to listen to you". 

Thereafter, two male police officers (I know all the names and can identify but am not quoting any here - merely giving first initial in some cases) arrived. One of them was reeking of cigarette smell and I felt very uncomfortable but did not say anything.  This officer with the cigarette smell called me and said very softly, "madam, you can come and sit in the vehicle, we will take you".  I was stunned.  I asked him, "i am the complainant, I came to meet the Commissioner and his officers in the main Commissioner of Police office; I am not an accused, so why would I sit in a Police Vehicle? That too, with 2 male officers who have arrived with not a single woman officer?".

He did not answer me.  Both those male officers sat down. I also sat down.

I then wanted to use the ladies rest room right outside that hall [I had gone there at 10.30 am and it was nearly 2 pm].  That lady officer who was very loud n had yelled at me said "leave your bag here and you can go".  I did as she said and when I came out of the rest room, saw her standing there - when I questioned if she was ensuring she followed me, she meekly said, "i also used the rest room". she followed me back into the hall.

When I came back to the hall, those two male police officers from the Vepery police station had left.

I then saw that lady officer (name beginning with P) who had asked me to wait come to me and she said, "a lady ADCP will come to meet you".

I waited and quite a while after, nearly 3 pm, a lady ADCP whose name begins with the first letter 'S' and who is in charge of the women (predominantly 'anti-dowry' cell) came to meet many of us and met me the last.  She told me, "have lunch and come back at 4 pm and you will be directed to the Cyber section on the 2nd floor".  She was quite nice to me - very soft, very human, so I took the liberty of telling her, "Mam, but that ADCP Cyber was very curt with me in the morning and told me my complaint is not even believable, how do I go meet them?".  She still asked me to go meet, so I came out, went back at 4 and went up to the cyber section. 

The same ADCP I was asked to meet was with multiple petitioners (public) and then left for a meeting with superiors, so until 7 pm, I kept waiting there in that hall.  After 7 pm, I was called in to meet the ADCP-Cyber. He had an Inspector (whose first name begins with M) with him and both of them heard me for 10 minutes, after which the ADCP left for a meeting and the inspector continued to talk to me for another 15 or 20 minutes.  He was very soft and started talking very friendly asking me, "what resolution do you want", "you must get back to walking - it will help you".

I told him I am afraid I might be killed if I push for an FIR, so I am ok if the police can get the stalker and team to please stop tapping and stalking me, give me an undertaking (supervised by the police &/or Court) that I will not be stalked or tapped and be left free and if I am given compensation for the loss and trauma suffered in the last few years.

He asked me to leave then (it was nearly 8 pm) and come back again the next day at 10.30 am because he wanted to talk to me about the 700+ pages and the CD. 

I left the Commissioner's office after nearly 10 hours, seeing many others who had come with me actually get the Commissioner's direction that an FIR for their matter be filed, whilst I had not been able to meet or no FIR direction was given for me.

Umbrellas were not allowed inside the Commissioner's building and I had to leave them outside - unfortunately, since I was inside for nearly 10 hours & the staff outside had all changed / nearly left, when I came back, I umbrella was not there.  So I walked out at 8 pm in a very cloudy Chennai and soon, before I could get myself an auto or into public transport, it rained very heavily and I was fully drenched.

I came home past 9.30 pm, felt clearly being followed/stalked even then, drenched and the day's events overtook me.  I fell ill and could not go the next day 21st July 2015 at 10.30 am.  While they took my number on my complaint, they had not given me any number to call them - so I could not inform them anything.  I now live alone so couldn't send anyone either.

The next to next day, i.e., 22nd July 2015, I promptly went and met the same Inspector M.  He told me he was busy and "there is no substantial evidence in your case, so we cannot immediately file anything, however we have received your complaint". All my statements to him including asking him to immediately reach and ask Vodafone fell on deaf ears. He said he will consider asking Vodafone and I should come next day (23rd July 2015) at 4.30 pm.

On 23rd July 2015, I went at 4.20 pm itself and saw his desk was empty.  His neighbor told me, "he has suddenly left for Hyderabad, you leave".  I did not leave, rather went further in that department and asked to either meet the ADCP or requested that some other officer talk to me for whatever reason I was called [because Inspector M had not started anything big in my complaint investigation and any other officer could see the pages and CD and talk to me]. 

A lady sub inspector opened Inspector M's steel cupboard and couldn't find my complaint (700+ pages and one CD) so she phoned Inspector M and told me, "he has refused me to handle; he has not told me where you complaint is; he wants me to take a written statement from you that you attended an enquiry meeting today".  I refused to give her a written statement that I attended an enquiry meeting today - because nobody enquired anything! I told her I am upset that nobody informed me that I need not come and I had wasted Rs.250 in conveyance.  I asked to meet the ADCP-Cyber.  The ADCP-Cyber was away in a meeting so I had to wait until about 6.30 to 7 pm to meet him.  In the meantime, I informed the lady officers in Cyber wing that I am going down to the ground floor to find the office of and meet that lady ADCP (Lady S) who was quite nice to me on 20th July.  I went down to the ground floor and found her office right opposite that grievances hall , she was polite enough to ask me to wait and that she will talk to me after she is done with the waiting lady complainants.  So I waited.  She then got called over for some meeting with superiors, so she went away telling me she will be back and I can wait.  I simultaneously got a call from Cyber asking me to come up (to 2nd floor) as the ADCP-Cyber had come back.  I went and met him.  I told him I am uncomfortable the way things are proceeding and that I either want conveyance paid or any officer to do my complaint enquiry today as I was asked to come and had come.  he said neither was possible - there is no provision for conveyance and nobody else would do the enquiry.  I then requested him if my complaint can please be transferred to any woman officer heading it (and I myself suggest Lady S and said I was scheduled to go down and request her).  I requested him to please immediately hand over my complaint with 700+ pages and one CD [it all cost be Rs.5000 to put up the complaint] without losing it.  He said he will do.

I went down, waited and met Lady ADCP S.  She was good and polite to me, said she will wait for the complaint papers and CD to reach her and then take action.  She asked me to come back next Monday and check with her if the papers have arrived at her office. She gently asked me to narrate the complaint and then went up to meet her superior for some signature work and then came back and continued the conversation.  And in between, she gently asked me about where I hail from etc., "would you be open to marriage if I suggested a groom?".  I politely replied, "Mam, this complaint needs to be resolved before I can do anything in my life as my career and life lie shattered".  She left it at that but it continues to bother me if it was merely a well-intending social banter or if she was guided by someone to ask me that (to eliminate me, so to say, in order to render this complaint infructuous - not take it up).  I don't know.  Grateful for her politeness and thanking her, I left her office.

I left the Commissioner of Police office at 8 pm and came home later.

Feel very uneasy and unsure if the police complaint is going the way it should.  It is still early days and as long as it gets handled the way it should be, I am fine - but am very afraid that, in the pendency of my complaint, I could be falsely implicated / killed or otherwise harmed to render this complaint from me useless.  Something intuitively is bothering me.  So, as I wait for my complaint to be handled, I write this - as sheer evidence - should something happen to me.

Kindly request you - as humanitarian gesture - if not anything else - to please NOT splash / reproduce or give to any form of media - anything without my prior written permission.  If I am dead or falsely implicated, this blog post and the uploaded evidence (in my Google Drive, links given above) must be used as evidence. When I am alive, please respect my privacy and do not publish anything without my prior written permission.  The Google Drive folders where I have uploaded are NOT public but limited to those who are given the link.  That link is given in this blog post merely as an evidence repository for the future, should anything happen to me.

The reason I write this is as evidence as the question that is bothering me is, "if the fence eats the crop, what does the crop do?".  By fence, I mean the general governance and law administration mechanism including the Govt & law admin network.  If my phones are tapped with Govt. order, are police the ones that would be tapping it? If yes, what will happen to my complaint? 

This post is NOT written to defame anyone or attribute anything to anybody - what is submitted to the police is not defamation under law.  I have merely created an online repository of my police submissions and created this blog post a potential future evidence should something happen to me - that is all my objective is.

Any pro-bono/humanitarian lawyers and/or women's organizations that want to help are welcome. 


Update:[update done August 3, 2015 8.57 pm IST - Indian Standard Time]:

There has been no action / response from the police.  I was informed by ADCP Mrs.Shyamala Devi's office last monday that my petition had reached her desk and that she will have me called when she has read thru it.  Nothing else was told to me.  This was told to me when i called her office landline +91 44 23452703 and her office assistants Devi and Kavita spoke to me [i had called thrice from my parents' landline at home - the first two times, i was asked, first by Devi and then by Kavita, to call back since the ADCP was away in meeting with superiors].  They told me i will be called on my mobile as given in the petition, which is 77089 38460.

Its one week today [3Aug2015] - absolutely nothing has happened.  Nobody from the police has called me.  I have been ready with the phone with me all through.  So, today I first called the landline in the evening and Kavita told me "Madam has not come to office at all - you can call her mobile and ask her and gave me ADCP's mobile number 949814*0**].  I dialed ADCP Shyamala Devi from my mobile 77089 38460 at 18:42 [her office timings i am told is until 8 pm] and she answered it on the 4th ring.  I introduced myself and she told me "I am in SI recruitment; I don't think we have the energy / ability to followup on your complaint".  I then asked her who will act? She told me "I will send it to police station, will call you". AND SHE DISCONNECTED THE CALL THERE.  This has been in sharp contrast to the last time I met her 10 days ago, when she had been oh so friendly and had even on her own volunteered to marry me off! I again tried her number thrice at 18:45, 19:08 and 19:43 pm today - she cancelled the calls immediately.  I gave up with the last call at 19:43 pm.

It has been 13-14 days since my complaint submission at the Chennai Police Commissioner's office.  I was not allowed to meet the Commissioner.  No FIR has been filed.  NO action has been taken.  


In the meantime, I went to and submitted a written petition for help cum complaint to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's Special Cell on 29th July 2015 - as a tamil woman residing in Chennai for the last 25-26 years.

My petition to the CM had all the details submitted to the Police Commissioner's office attached [including a CD].  All of it was received by the cell.

The cell [who did not know me in any way and treated me like every other citizen] were warm, received my complaint, told me it will be sent to the Commissioner of Police office with a letter from the CM's Special Cell and gave me this acknowledgement: (back and front):

It was a wednesday when I submitted the complaint on 29July2015.  They told me it will be sent by Friday.

The person there refused to be named but hand-wrote the above card including that special cell's phone number and gave me a reference in the Commissioner of Police's office [T Muralidharan, Computer section].

However, since Friday, i have called each day - they say it is not yet entered into the computer and will be sent in due course.  I worry if they are being asked to delay it from the Central Govt. in Delhi in India [the same who control the Police].



I have now added the petition to the TN CM cell and the acknowledgement to the evidence already uploaded in the aforesaid links.

I fear this blog and that link may also be hacked and taken down - so this evidence has been circulated across the globe and is being held in various places online as well.

The police officers I had merely given initials for in the aforesaid original post but am now naming [because i am very afraid about the interactions and lack of action thus far] are:

ADCP - Cyber Mr. Venkatachalapathy
Inspector Melwyn, Cyber
ADCP - women (anti-dowry) Mrs. Shyamala Devi


Update:[update done August 8, 2015 3.45 pm IST:

I called ADCP Mrs. Shyamala Devi's aforesaid mobile number yesterday and she answered it; she told me everyone was in Prime Minister's Chennai visit 'bandobust' [security] duty and that i have to call her landline number and enquire as to the status of my police complaint petition.

I told her I had tried her office landline many times before calling on her mobile and that nobody was answering the landline.  She told me everyone is busy with security arrangements and I left it at that.  

I called her office landline today at approximately 11.30 am and an AC [I don't exactly know the full form of the abbreviation AC -may be, its Assistant Commissioner) called Mr.Venkatesh answered and after I told him my name and brief complaint petition details and asked for status, he gave the phone to who he termed an SI [sub-inspector] Ms.Priya, who told me. "Madam is in meetings upstairs with superiors; only she can decide because it was marked to her".

I told Ms.Priya, "your madam clearly told me almost 5 days ago she is going to transfer it to police station and i have only called to ask if it has been done".

Ms.Priya asked me to call later since Madam was away.

I called back the same official landline almost an hour and half later and this time, Ms. Devi answered [though she refused to identify herself, i identified her voice and with great persuasion, she finally told me her name].  I explained to Devi it has now been a full 2 weeks since my police complaint petition has been lying in ADCP Mrs.Shyamala Devi's office and how long would it take a police department to transfer it to a police station, no matter how busy the ADCP herself is - after all, she does seem to have a full department.

Ms.Devi told me "we will transfer it today and call and inform you".

I reminded Ms.Devi and had also shared with Ms.Priya in the morning that Vadapalani is the nearest Women's Police Station for my area of domicile in Chennai and since it is the ADCP who has decided to transfer [I had not asked for it or pushed it], the least i expect, after almost 20 days of filing it with the police is, i not be further footballed and it be sent to the nearest women's police station for me.

End of my telephone call.

I remain overwhelmed and very fearful of why this time delay and why time is being bought despite 'in your face' evidence uploaded publicly.  I remain very traumatized that i may be killed or i may surely be falsely implicated in one thing or the other to torture me through police and / or Courts and break me and destroy me.

Meanwhile, Vodafone India, despite receiving multiple emails and tweets from me regarding this criminal police complaint against them and my call to them therein to come clean, restore my 13 year old lifetime rental free postpaid number 98840 50200 along with compensation for trauma and losses suffered, CONTINUE TO REMAIN DEAD SILENT.  I have email and blog read receipts from their Mumbai IP address [Vodafone India organization] and will be uploading those emails [tweets are public anyways from my twitter account @Phantom_Delight] and the read receipt proofs.  


Update:[update done August 14, 2015 7.40 pm IST]:

There has been no action from the police yet - I have since called Devi thrice, on 3 different days.  Yesterday was the last of those days and she told me her department [that is department of ADCP Mrs.Shyamala Devi] has to send it to the DC's [Deputy Commissioner] office in the same Vepery Chennai Commissioner's Office building!  That DC office will in turn send it to Vadapalani. Its now been 3 weeks with ADCP Mrs.Shyamala Devi's office without being actioned.  I have NEVER received a single phone call from the police (on my number given in the petition complaint] thus far. I keep calling and enquiring.

Meanwhile, Vodafone had been on a long silence of almost 8 to 9 months - despite me sending them numerous emails, physical letters and tweets [and email read receipts exist as do Govt. post acknowledgement cards for physical letters sent - all of which have already been uploaded as Annexure [4A onwards, the entire 4 series] in the aforesaid Google Drive.  Breaking that silence for the first time, Vodafone Appellate chennai sent in this email at 8.25 pm on August 10, 2015:

As per this email, they called it a mere "concern regarding billing" [phew!] and they were to get back by 13th August 2015.  Today is a full 24 hours thereafter and there has been NO RESPONSE yet.  Why would a global brand take these many months to action on a 13 year single woman customer's genuine grievance supported by all evidence now uploaded publicly?  I am pointing to tapping, harassment et al.

Meanwhile, there was a blog hit direct from within Reliance Industries' Wide Area Network:

I had put in multiple layers of login access security for my gmail accounts including this one, fearing hacking and taking off illegally; as one of those layers, Google sends in text messages to a designated mobile phone.  My designated phones [the only ones that remain and temporary that too] are my Airtel number [cited in the police complaint] 77089 38460 and my Mother's Aircel number 74010 45900.  BOTH THE NUMBERS I FEAR ARE TAPPED AND INTERCEPTED BECAUSE NOT A SINGLE GOOGLE SMS HAS COME THRU LAST FEW DAYS [whereas all other SMS come in sooner than later].  I am working around this because I am reasonably technologically literate [thanks to my formal qualification in Computers and Application Software and long years of beloved online belonging].  Multiple complaints to Airtel and Aircel [you will find plenty of tweets from my twitter account @Phantom_Delight] have elicited no meaningful response [beyond useless "we will get back to you" and a rare "we couldn't reach you"].  Some of the twitter search links are below:


I remain fearful that i may be falsely implicated in something [to justify all this tapping, harassment] and eliminated or jailed or tortured or killed.

I have tweeted literally every political party in India and it is widely written in Indian media that Reliance Industries controls a large part of Indian media. The Mumbai High Court has done nothing to hear me thus far [incidentally Mumbai HC seems to have a Gujarati Chief Justice] so I wonder, as an Indian citizen, are my rights important at all? Or am I merely a prey for my gujarati stalker? 

In the aforesaid google drive, i have created a new folder called "New evidence after police complaint" and uploaded evidence relevant for the period after the date of filing the police complaint.


Update:[update done August 16, 2015 6.55 pm IST]:

I had forgotten to update that I had also tweeted the UK PM's twitter account and @UKinIndia twitter account.  

My tweet to the UK PM account can be found here

My tweet to the @UKinIndia account and their response can be found here:

The @UKinIndia account sent me a Chennai consular office email and I emailed them and have got an automated acknowledgement, which has been loaded on to the new folder created as aforesaid in the Google drive.

So far, there has not been any response from the UK Consular Office, Chennai, to whom I was directed to send an email and I sent.

Meanwhile, it appears my stalker and his clan are STILL interested only in further torturing me (probably through fake Court cases as well).  Today, there were multiple blog hits from Proxy IPs [and they most likely also used Tor browser) SPECIFICALLY on blog posts I have already let the Police know, in writing, in my complaint, as having a deep connection to my stalking and tapping harassment and nightmare:

And they also appear to strongly believe this will never be traced to the original IPs.

Further, I kept waiting for Vodafone to respond per their email; in response to my email to them informing them a criminal police complaint has been filed against them, Vodafone Appellate Chennai had (in a first response from Vodafone in as many as 8 to 9 months] committed in writing that they will get back by 13th August 2015.  But, alas, so far, NO RESPONSE.  Therefore, I have today emailed them a short response, again calling upon them to come clear, restore my number 98840 50200 with apology and compensate me for losses and trauma suffered.  This email i have sent them and the automated email received acknowledgement from the Vodafone Appellate Chennai email account are saved in the aforesaid 'new evidence after police complaint' folder.

I continue to remain very afraid and traumatized that its nearly a month since my police complaint, but there has been NO action whatsoever and worse, my stalker and his clan appear to be, in my opinion, secretly preparing and exploring how to eliminate me.

Update:[update done September 2, 2015 8.15 pm IST]:

There has been no action from the police yet, to my knowledge.  That is, 45 days from my complaint submitted to the highest police office in Chennai - the Commissioner of Police, Chennai.

There has been no response from any other party.  No response from Vodafone or other phone providers either. This, despite Vodafone writing to say they will respond by a certain date (which is now past by 20 days).  No response from the media outlets I reached out to, first on twitter and then on email addresses they gave out on twitter.

Meanwhile, I received a sudden letter, sent to me my ordinary post, from the Bombay High Court Legal Services Committee that an advocate has now (in August 2015 last week) been allotted to me, further to the Bombay High Court order dated November 2014 for representing me in (what I deem is a fake) civil defamation case filed against me by Vijay Doshi (with letter of support from Reliance Industries). 

It comes as a surprise that the allotment suddenly happens after nearly 10 months from the order; i have scored out my residential address in line 3 of the letter for posting this image.  I have also scored out the advocate's mobile number as given in the letter.  

If you notice, the letter was originally dated May 2015 but was NEVER sent to me and has now been date corrected by hand to August 2015 and has now been sent to me by ordinary post.

The advocate's address does not seem complete - for example, there is not even a door number. I am retaining it in this image to just illustrate that. And no email address is given for the advocate.  So, I'm as such unable to send case matter and papers to him.

Nevertheless, I have today emailed the Bombay High Court Legal Services Committee on the email given in their letter [the gmail address] asking them to please provide me complete postal address and email address of the advocate.

When i was wondering if this will result in an end to my suffering or will add to my torture, there were a spate of visits to my blog from Reliance Industries today:

This deeply worries me and I fear that I may be tortured through the Courts and / or police or else how.  I am very disturbed and agitated and with great difficulty, have posted three blog posts today after a long gap.

Updates here are also becoming rare from me because, fearing the intrusion and surveillance cum tapping of my phones and internet, I am not accessing this blog often (when I login, I lose access and it gets accessed from the background, using my own IP).  

I remain very traumatized and agitated - barely existing - at times having a shower and food, beyond times.  On twitter most of the time.  Rarely on the blog.


Update:[update done September 5, 2015 8.20 pm IST]:

I have uploaded new evidence files [after police complaint and therefore yet to be submitted to the police / law enforcement] in the same Google drive under a new folder.

Within this new folder, I have created a folder for Reliance Industries accessing this blog post dozens of times since September 2, 2015 from within the Reliance Industries Wide Area Network. 

Reliance IP 116_50_66_18_ip_number=1949450770
Reliance IP 116_50_78_41_ip_number=1949453865
Reliance IP 116_50_78_71_ip_number=1949453895
Reliance IP 116_50_79_79_ip_number=1949454159
Reliance IP 116_50_79_180__ip_number=1949454260

In addition, a Reliance Industries Internal Audit Manager Kailash Prajapati has viewed my private (not public) LinkedIn profile in the last couple of days; also two other people from "Oil & Energy" industry have viewed my private profile in the last few days.  Due to stalking nightmare, i was forced to turn my public profile with over 500 connections into private (losing out on so many career opportunities). Now, its private and visible only to network - so I am wondering if they were asked to look at it and download it [for what?].

I have uploaded the letter (image shown above in last update) received from the Bombay High Court Legal Services Committee.  My email to the committee asking for the appointed advocate's full mail address and email, has been read but I have received no response yet.

No response yet from any other party, notably Vodafone.  Vodafone, despite committing in writing has gone silent yet again! 

Also, a few IPs, from Mumbai, notably what publicly available Internet IP records show as Judith Lewis of Mercator Lines, Nariman Point [Mercator, the Internet tells me, has interests in 'oil & energy' industry, among others] bearing IP 203_199_41_59 has visited this blog post a multiple times [to do what? I fear to print or download? For whom?].

Numerous visits from September 2, 2015 also from an UK IP address which publicly available internet IP records show as Brett Wilson LLC [Lawyers?] for this blog post.

Today, there was also a visit from Edgware, UK bearing IP 86 24 34 219. I fear this may be Vijay Doshi's home in London as his address as per publicly available internet records is Edgware, UK:

I have uploaded detailed evidence for all of this.

What bothers me is - its 51 days since my police complaint.  There is no action whatsoever.  Whilst there seems to be, in my opinion and fear, attempts to somehow silence me - probably through new (fake?) defamation cases for this blog post - whilst I am writing it fearing for my life - with no help or lawful recourse with Court and Police. 

After I tweeted about the dozens of IP addresses from Reliance, whole of today, there are multiple proxy addresses being used [tor browser, in some cases] to access this blog post and blog:

My nightmare with BSNL broadband internet tapping and surveillance continues.  I struggle for connectivity. And on Sept 3, 2015, a Reliance Pro data card sprung up on the BSNL network [i fear if its the shadow network to render my access unsecure and watch over]:


Update:[update done September 6, 2015 7.50 pm IST]:

Just updating images for yesterday's update and then expressing some issues from this blog post, that in my view, have a strong 'public interest' value.

Here is the image [full files uploaded in the Google drive aforesaid] of blog logs showing Reliance Industries Limited accessing this blog post and the google drives cited herein, profusely [flurry of visits] since September 2, 2015:

Someone calling himself Kailash Prajapati and as Manager, Reliance Internal Audit, visiting my LinkedIn profile as aforesaid in yesterday's update:

A Mumbai [Bombay] IP as aforesaid in yesterday's update, visiting this blog post and the associated, aforesaid google drives profusely since Sept 2, 2015.  The doubt in my mind: who was this person downloading / viewing / printing these for?

Please note though this blog has log of visits, i do NOT produce all visits here.  I research very carefully and only present those that i think are visits related to those named in my police complaint or their (potential) lawyers.  I do NOT produce visits i think may be from others.

Below is the blog log for significant number of visits from UK IP address which publicly available internet IP records show as Brett Wilson LLC [Lawyers?] - I have uploaded the public site that says this IP address is Brett Wilson LLC's IPv4 in the google drive.

The last two exit links are of Vijay Doshi's picture in the earlier (aforesaid in this blog post, right at the top) stalking nightmare blog post of mine.  Which makes me fear if there is legal activity planned in the UK.

Which brings me to an important articulation as below:

- I have no penchant for writing about anyone or any individual or Company in this seriousness.  I only write because I fear for my life.  In my opinion, the police have shown no inclination to even start an enquiry, let alone file an FIR [First Information Report, which is the first step to a criminal investigation]. The Bombay High Court has not even heard me. I notice suddenly that there was indeed a date given on Sept 2, 2015 [nobody tells me anything - neither the Court nor the plaintiff nor his lawyers] and the case is fairly certainly marked for "dismissal".  I wonder and doubt if this is related to the flurry of activity (blog visits here) from Reliance and UK.  So, when neither the Police nor the Court have thus far come forward to hear me, and I have been tapped and kept stalked, where does a single woman, living with aged parents who are unwell go?  In exercise of free speech and for my own safety, as a native woman citizen of a Democracy, who fears her fundamental / Constitutional rights stand infringed, can i not express [as long as what i am stating is true and not false] my life and death situation on my own blog? I have uploaded all of the 700+ pages of evidence given to the police [which includes the letters i have written to the Judge of the Bombay High Court and the Registrar/Protho Notary and Senior Master of the Original Side of the Bombay High Court] to the Google drives cited in this blog post - what more can an educated single woman in a Country like India [where crime against women is alarming] do?

- Can I hope any future Courts before which defamation cases may (I now fear) be brought up against me - at least hear me once before passing any orders? In Bombay High Court, i was never heard even once. The first order was passed when I did not even have a clue there as a case against me [only after the order, vijay doshi's lawyers sent me the order and told me there is a case].  I was not even given the notice - which is basic and not giving it is actually denial of principles of natural justice, I think.

Matters of public interest i wish to raise through this blog post:

I strongly believe my Vodafone number of 13 years, 98840 50200 was tapped by Vodafone.  It is my opinion that their behavior thus far, as outlined in this blog post, confirms my suspicion. If that is the case, in India currently, Vodafone could not have legally tapped my phone without a written order from the Government [Cabinet secretary of Home department, I researched from the Internet, needs to give that order].  I or any member of family - in any generation - have no law history whatsoever.  I strongly believe [and have provided evidence why I believe so] that the tapping for this number started in July 2014 [this time period strangely, in my opinion, coincides immediately with Vijay Doshi's (what i deem fake) civil defamation case filed against me in the end of June 2014 in Bombay].  

Vodafone has still not restored my number despite me providing all evidence and contesting that they cannot force me to pay rent for a connection that is already on a lifetime rental free postpaid status. Which brings me to fear:
- is a tapping order against me still in force?
- if not, is Vodafone abetting what in my opinion is criminal offence against me?

In India, should we - the citizens - be informed after tapping against us stops? [I read in the internet that in the US, when tapping / surveillance ordered by the State stops, citizens are informed].

What is so heinous about me that my telephones had to be tapped and internet needed to be kept under surveillance? Where does a single woman go if: 
(a) the police show less enthusiasm to take up the matter, in my opinion?
(b) the Courts are handled in such a manner by the lawyers [to whom i have no access] that the Court never hears me?
(c) the Government that we elect to protect us, if it has, orders tapping against us, for what we deem is unnecessary?
(d) how do i live the rest of my life in mystery and its induced fear as to what my status is in Indian Government records given this tapping mess i have been subjected to? Am I as a citizen entitled to know what happened, why and what are the results?

India is a land that, in my opinion, is a deep patriarchy.  Women - despite decades of struggle at various levels and classes of society - are just about making it to some modicum of equality when it comes to education, social equality and most importantly, safety.  But, when it comes to expressing on the blog or social media, if women will not get the Government's and Legal system's support [for defamation cases against women in India, lawyers won't be per se provided, as i discovered. for other cases, it will be. there exists a law for it under the auspices of NALSA - just google it], how do educated women in India go through the social hazards facing us in the next decades? does this require legal amendments? can we ask for it?

These and other public welfare questions hound me.  Will update as i come by next time.  I do hope the Courts see the sincerity of suffering, intent and expression.  


Update:[update done September 7, 2015 6.00 pm IST]:

For the update I made yesterday [Sep 6, 2015], I made a mistake in the header date and time [had copied it from the earlier header and forgot to change to yesterday's date and time - a reflection of the enormous stress and trauma I am made to live under, thanks to this stalking and tapping nightmare and lack of police action].  Have now corrected yesterday's header.  Had also tweeted the error yesterday:

There are some bothersome proxy visits [trying to beat the usual blog log I have - so producing evidence from another source of blog log] - note all the log entries with 'sweden' as the place of visit - they are not actually from Sweden, they are very much from India.  I don't know if this is from any special police or detectives keeping tab:


 The moment I tweet about a blog post update done for this blog post, immediately, these folks come over using that 'sweden' proxy and view:



Update:[update done September 8, 2015 7.10 pm IST]:

Yesterday [September 7, 2015] night, shortly before midnight India time, an IP address from Dublin, Ireland was on this blog post for more than 30 minutes. 

That IP address is listed publicly by Project Honeypot as one with a 'dictionary attacker' history, among other things.  In my opinion, that means someone had used this IP address to beat authentication systems.

This makes me even more worried from last night.  Makes me fear is my site / are my sites with all the evidence I have painstakingly uploaded going to be taken down in a hack even as I am killed - so nothing would remain?

Uploaded all the evidence regarding this to the aforesaid 'New Evidence' folder in my aforesaid Google drive. 

I so want a closure to this nightmare [and a return to normal life for me] because, despite being so resilient, this is getting unbearable.  For any human being.