Saturday, 24 January 2015


Well, its been a while since Education became, unfortunately, an industry in India.   
Commercial, chaotic and often, even careless .. as far as the administrators go. 
Much like how the internet of things changed / disrupted life for good, its only natural that it impacted Education positively. 
Imagine .. students & parents throng multiple institutions, education fairs & counseling centers .. to understand, gauge, assess & ultimately choose the apt & optimal educational institution to lay the foundation for their (child's) future. 
Yet, each institution, would only naturally, promote itself.   
How can parents and students evaluate an education institution from every facet & choose? This is where the internet of things, peer reviews and third party sites score high. 
I recently came across a site that lets users choose from over 20,000+ colleges and universities in India.  There sure is strength in numbers & 20,000+ is a very healthy number. 
I quite like the home page interface that, in a no-nonsense way, lets you go by 'College' or 'Exam'.  If you are specifically preparing for 'a' kind of exam, then you might as well explore for that exam rather than go through the colleges route. 
Right below are options for the top choices: 

If what you are looking for doesn't fit in any of those, take heart.  The menu option at the top right is comprehensive from agriculture, aviation, architecture to hotel management and mass communications. 
There is also a classification by qualification (MBA, BBA) that further dissects by: 
Type [full-time, part-time, distance etc.] 
Stream [Finance, HR etc.) 
Location [State, City] 
There are featured colleges as well, with clear ranking.  Colleges can again be explored by stream, city etc.

I did a search for Science colleges in India and got served - instantaneously - didn’t take even 2 minutes - with 1178 colleges - with photographs, duly ranked, listing the courses and facilities they have.    
The search can be further refined, through the left vertical menu bar, for fees, duration, specialization, university affiliation, approval status (UGC, AICTE) etc.  
I particularly love those little icons below each college enlisting the facilities the college has - the screenshot below shows the 'auditorium' icon for Loyola College, Chennai.  Facilities available in various colleges, such as sports, medical, library, hostel, laboratory etc. are called out as icons. 
Colleges can be shortlisted, brochures download and email addresses to contact the colleges can be accessed - each with a single click.  
There is also a news update feature on the home page, as well as the 'most liked' and 'most read' features.
The best of it all - like the best things in life, its free to use.  Go, educate thyself!
Nice initiative to empower students and parents in an otherwise lop-sided, highly industrialized (read commercialized) Indian education sector. 
Power to the internet of things and sites such as Collegedunia for bringing a college-o-pedia to discerning students and parents. The world of Indian education on our finger tips.
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Cheers :) 

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