Friday, 6 February 2015

Celeb Chic with Zovi

My first fashion rule, forever - be yourself. 

So, this #BlogForZovi post celebrates a look that lets us be ourselves & yet express a statement at the same time.  

In short, a look that checkmates the fashion police without actually playing chess with trends.

Yes, I am talking the Check Shirt look.

While every fashionista worth her individuality has a check shirt or two in her closet & every celebrity has featured this look, my favorite of them all is Deepika Padukone:


No, she wasn't sauntering into or out of an airport.  She attended a birthday bash :)


The red-navy-white check shirt along with the distressed jeans & tank top (well, technically, its a gunjee I think) is a celebration of normcore at its best.
Here is how I'd do the same Celeb Chic with Zovi:

I quite like white taking a bolder share of the top as I think it nicely challenges the traditional plaid effect.
There are two candidates this checked top can be worn with:
Many celebrities have done the Checked Shirt look, as I have said but Deepika's is my favorite as it epitomizes normcore chic at its truest.  I also later caught Jacqueline Fernandez doing a slightly more glamorous version of this look (thanks to that red pout):
So, here's to checkmating the notion that to make a fashion statement, one needs to doll up. No. 
An useful hair tip to remember with a check shirt - a high ponytail goes perfectly with it though Deepika has pulled off a messy bunch up quite well.
Cheers :)