Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Definitions

A single me - a multitude of passions.  

A single me - a multitude of labels.  

This post is about the things & roles that define me:


Well, I am fiercely individualistic.  A born rebel if you push me enough for that to manifest.  I don't like being typecast & I despise the 'assembly line' life our patriarchy serves upon many of our ilk - study till you are 21, marry when you are 23 to 25, be a mother when you are 25 to 28, if required & family wishes so, be a mother yet again when you are 30 to 32.  Whether you have a career or not is incidental.  I despise this 'assembly line' imposition.  

Yes, its a privilege to be a wife and a mother - but wait - there is a lot more for which each of us is born for.  So, its important to be an individual AND a career woman AND a daughter AND a wife AND a mother.  

Please, for heaven's sake, don't push me to choose.  You will regret your failure. Push to be one & you are likely to lose the entire me.  Because I am not capable of being partitioned.  I come as a sum total that is greater than its parts.  Split me into single labels & you have destroyed something reasonably precious.  I am, unapologetic about being an individual first, before anything else. 


I cherish womanhood.  I'm ever so thankful to Nature - Indian patriarchy, practical equal opportunity challenges and crime against women here, notwithstanding - for endowing me as a woman.  Given a chance, I would love to be born a woman again.  I love the emotional, intuitive & sensitive quotients I come blessed with - as all women do, in relatively additional measure.  I love our world of hues & colors, fabrics & textures, gemstones & jewelry.  I love that we can procreate, care and share like no other creation ever can. AND, do all that in addition to delivering every conceivable role in the planet. 

 I owe this lifetime - not just life - to my parents.  Remember that pivotal Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ) dialogue Kajol's character throws at her father Amrish Puri's character, "Will you give me a month of my own life so I can live it?".  I never asked my parents for it.  They understood, without me asking for it, that I was anyways born to ask that of them.  Give they did - not just a month - but decades.  And, they paid a huge social, financial & now, health price for it.  Yet, they let me live my journey and life. So, no matter what I am or not, this is one role & belonging that overtakes all else in my life.  As it ought to.


Ever since I know myself - I have invested in my career.  Its been so inseparable from me through the decades.  My investment has been so intense that I know not of anything else that defines me so comprehensively.  I was 13 or 14 years old when I decided my profession & then stuck to it through adolescence & early youth.  I was 18 when I insisted (and parents wholeheartedly supported it) I get a two-wheeler driving licence to ride to my umpteen classes & interests.  Most of my time from age 19 was invested - from as early as 05.45 hours to 21.30 hours - in the pursuit of my profession.  Take that away from me & you are taking away my lifetime away from me. The void will be life consuming.

Sports Aficionado:

My first love has to be sports - it started with tennis, thanks to Delhi (where I grew up) & its lawn tennis.  If there's Cricket, Tennis, Soccer or Formula 1 (F1), there's got to be me.  Ardent fan with interests in sports broadcasting [no, noodle straps won't be my claim to fame - my deep understanding of the sport and fluid articulation, sure will be].  Donna Symmonds would be my ideal sports broadcaster - a woman commentator who commanded respect, inspite of being a woman in a (then) men's field - not because she was a woman, but inspite of being a woman.  

Theater & Communication:

I did theater as early as when I was 14.  I don't know if that has anything to do with my passion for communication - verbal or written.  I deeply enjoy theatre & am a deep believer in the power of communication - clear and caring, being my hallmarks. 


I love fashion - hues, colors, textures, fabrics, designs, silhouettes.  One huge benefit of being a woman - i get to indulge in it to the hilt.  No getting boxed in a handful of colors [how do many guys live in just black, white, brown, grey and navy?]  


Mine is a lifetime relationship with gems & jewelry.  I love the translucent & natural gemstones.  All the same, I revel in jewelry from a range of materials - be it wood, glass, grass, polymer clay, paper or of course, precious metals & gemstones.  I am an avid collector, designer & jewelry lover.


I started collecting coins when I was a child.  That grew with me and blossomed into a full-fledged passion as I traveled the world on my own.  Proudly cherish my 'Coins of the World' collection - each coin articulating an underlying story by itself. 

Gardening & Flora Enthusiast:

Owe this to my maternal Grandfather and my Mom - green fingers both.  I absolutely love natural flowers.  There is nothing equal to natural flora when it comes to driving home the power of Nature.  The multitude of colors, textures & patterns - the seasons & sensibilities - are just mind boggling & soul warming. If there is anything that can de-stress and heal as much, music would come a close second to this. 

That's me defined as pluraly as I come, wearing many hats in one!  

Hope you enjoy reading.  What are your definitions?

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Cheers :) 

Since I am currently surviving through a nightmarish stalking experience, in the interest of personal safety, I am refraining from posting my photos & instead posting my avatars.