Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Summer Graphic Tees from Zovi

The best thing about Summer?

Well, for me, its the burst of tropical sunlight, a palette of colors all around & summer fruits!

Just in time for Summer 2015,  Zovi has come up with a rather unique collection, very bright & beautiful:

Zovi Women's Graphic Tees

What instantly attracted me to this collection is the mélange of hues - from brilliant bright to pretty pastel.  Not to forget, ice cream pastels even made it to Pantone's Spring-Summer 2015 list.

Here's what I picked for myself:

Look 1

Zovi Remote Control Print T-Shirt:

Made from 100% cotton, I love its soft feel & texture.  Just right to absorb all the summer heat.
Best of all, I love the spunk & verve in this Graphic Tees collection.
This T-shirt says: "If I was meant to be controlled, I would have come with a Remote". Complete with a remote :)  Take note.  Its the verse that got this T-shirt to my shopping cart ahead of the other favorites listed elsewhere in this post!

The t-shirt (as do most in the collection) has a plain, solid back:

Zovi Pink Embellished Sandals:

I have always been in irrevocable love with strappy flats.  Zovi has a comprehensive collection of flats & heels and I picked this beauty to go with this T-shirt:

I paired the t-shirt & flats with mint green stretch, slim fit trousers from my collection and accessorized with an aventurine & amethyst gemstones stretch bracelet.

Like it?

Look 2

Zovi Birdie Lines Graphic Peach T-Shirt:

The classicist in me totally fell for this peach t-shirt with a classic print in mellow mauve hue.

Zovi Blue Embellished Sandals:

Yes, loved that too much to not have it in another bright color.  So paired this t-shirt with bright blue flats:

The flats looked perfect for the bright blue baggy trousers from my collection that I chose to pair the t-shirt with.  Accessorized with a stack of wooden bangles.

So, that's my pick. 

Of course, my list of favorites includes:

Zovi Dazed Flamingo Print T-Shirt

Zovi Illusionary Polygon T-Shirt

Zovi Dreamy Butterfly Girl Print T-Shirt

These graphic tees would, of course, be perfect with denim but I just chose to throw in more color with colored trousers.
Hope you loved the palette of colors in this #BlogForZovi blog post.  What's your pick?

Hail Summer! Happy Shopping!

Cheers :)

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Zovi Special: Women's Indian Ethnic Look // Fashion Loot with Zovi Mobile App Shopping // Men's Casual Shirts Sneak Peek

Delighted to present this #BlogForZovi post showcasing not one but three brilliant facets:

Zovi Women's Indian Ethnic Look:

Well, exactly as predicted in my earlier post, I couldn't wait to get myself this beautiful Zovi Block Print Indian Ethnic Kurti:

I fell as much for its Rajasthani Sanganeri Block Print as for its blend of ethnic elegance.

I love the classic Indian motifs block printed on the yoke, the three-fourth sleeves and the hem.

Its A-line cut with a contrast double border & I picked it for its scalability - it can easily count as a classic, all time number and toggle between day wear & festive, depending on the coordinates we choose to play with.

I have paired the kurti with dull gold leggings, dull gold strappy flats & ethnic jewelry from my collection.

Love it? 

Get your choice from Zovi Women's Kurta / Kurti collection here.

I know .. that's tempting & tough to stop.  But, I found my own solution to that dilemma .. the key lies in finding more bang for my buck, so I can stock up more!

Don't we all want a veritable 'Khul Jaa Sim Sim' [Open Sesame] to a fatter shopping cart? 

I found it in the form of Zovi Mobile App(s). 

Zovi Mobile App Experience:

Available on Android as well iOS, its a fashion loot, with 'Steal Deals' & steep discounts - in addition to & on top of an easy user interface, seamless App experience & quick checkout.

Buoyed by that experience, I have resolved to always shop with the Zovi Mobile App hereon.  After all, its such a smart Fashionista move to get more goodies for the same kitty.
Gentlemen, if you are feeling left out, don't be - the loot is as available & applicable to you.

If I were you gentlemen, this will be my first stop:
The collection is neatly categorized as Solids, Striped, Checked & Exclusive designs.
I picked three of my favorites (yes, don't be surprised if I pick up all three and do a 'Boyfriend Shirt Look' blog post :)
Aren't they irresistible?
I love the play of hues in this Zovi Casual Checkered Shirt:
Oh, and when was the last time we saw guys wear something as stylish as this? Its the best bet to leave an imprint!

Love the mandarin collar in this Zovi Printed Shirt - spells casual in the pink of fashion health:


Wait .. before you rush to buy .. here's a friendly reminder .. download the Zovi Mobile App & buy on it so you can get more bang for the buck & your shopping cart more goodies.
Hope you enjoyed this post.  I am mighty tempted to buy those men's casual shirts, team them up with denim & do a 'Boyfriend Shirt Look' blog post ;-)
Cheers :)

Monday, 16 March 2015

Review: #LakmeSchoolOfStyle - India's First Fashion Video Magazine

Born in a tropical country & a home city (aka Chennai) that has, in popular rhetoric, just 3 seasons - hot, hotter and hottest, I'm an eternal Spring-Summer child :)

That naturally extends to my fashion sensibilities as well & the Spring-Summer collections are what I most look forward to.

The Fashionista in me is delighted to receive, subscribe to & ping the all new Lakme School of Style YouTube Channel.  Its India's first fashion video magazine & oh boy, do we have an appetite for that or what.  Voracious.  Love the range of coverage, production quality, choice of events & comprehensive yet crisp coverage.

Just picked two of my favorite, recent videos to articulate about & review:

#LakmeSchoolOfStyle Video on Ritu Kumar SS 2015 Launch:

Ritu Kumar, the largest & most respected Indian brand launched their SS (Spring Summer) 2015 collection few days ago. I quite love this crisp video by Santoshi Shetty of the Lakme School of Style from Ritu Kumar's Palladium, Mumbai store:

Needless to say, I'm a big Ritu Kumar fan for her having brought Indian textile heritage, craftsmanship & sensibilities to the fashion fore.  So, I was keen to know the trends Ritu Kumar is showcasing as part of SS 2015. 

This Lakme School of Style video, whilst being crisply edited, gives me a nice apparel & accessories overview - a double delight for the Fashionista & Jewellerista in me.

The first thing to attract my attention about the apparel - quite some prints in there.  Wide palette of hues - starting with the upbeat summer colors (yeah, love that tangerine & burnt orange print) to the milder, subdued hues. 

Checks are a big SS 2015 trend and true to that, this collection has some notable inclusions; the incurable polka dot addict in me (blame it on being a classicist, be it fashion or music), could only chuckle as Santoshi picks out a polka dominated mixed print number!

Now, coming to my life's fondest passion - jewelry.  Ritu Kumar's SS 2015 accessories (jewelry) collection, again in tandem with the trellising trend that is gaining ground, has gleaming cut work pieces. 

Predominantly yellow gold hued, they are bold, vibrant and celebratory.  As always, derived from Indian sensibilities yet channelized contemporarily for the global woman.  My favorite and personal pick from this collection:

These earrings and rings, combining enameling, yellow gold hue & pearls are  chunky, classy & contemporary - all at once. 

#LakmeSchoolOfStyle Video on 5 Ways To Style Your Favorite Crop Top:

I've always been a crop top fan, seasons & trends notwithstanding.  Its liberating, chic & multi-tasks for me between genres (yeah, more about that last bit towards the end).

So, this video instantly caught my attention:

Nilu Thapa presents five ways to style a crop top (she picks her boxy crop top with kimono sleeves); again a crisp two minute video, packing in enough juice to keep us glued.

Look 1: Distressed denim shorts, statement accessories, bling sneakers; optional denim jacket.

Look 2: Printed midi skirt, minimal accessories. Amongst my favorites in this list.

Look 3: Distressed denim, plaid cape (I think this is a brilliant addition), sunglasses

Look 4: This is oh-so-my look with comfort writ all over it:) Printed pants, sling bag to go with the crop top.

Look 5: A very glam twist to the crop top - create an LBD (little black dress) effect by throwing in a bling short skirt & glam accessories.  Spells party all the way. 

Now, for readers of this blog, courtesy my fondness for crop tops and experimentation with them, here is a bonus sixth way of styling your crop top: guess what, crop tops double up as brilliant sari blouses - I love the way I can fuse them with sarees to make a statement.  Go, try!

Hope you enjoyed my articulation about the videos and the collection launch as well as crop top styling.  This is such a fun way of keeping in touch with what's buzzing around in fashion circles. 

This post is a part of the #LakmeSchoolOfStyle activity at BlogAdda.com in association with #Fame.

Thank you BlogAdda for the opportunity.

Cheers :)  

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Coming soon .. This Summer's Biggest Blockbuster!

Well, born in a Nation where Cricket and Cinema are the undisputed first religions, often as at par and as together in enthralling the masses, it is only natural that my life is inexplicably entwined with these.

This video has wrapped me in a complete puzzle.

Some of the biggest stars from Cinema and Cricket together?

Ranbir Kapoor
Virat Kohli
Anurag Basu
Terence Lewis
.. all seen in the video, in roughly that order .. each claiming its his film & not the others’ film!

Now, what kind of an activity are the best actor, the best cricketer, a talented director, a well known musician and a renowned dancer coming together for?  

If its a film, why is Virat Kohli, the ace cricketer in it with repeated reminders, through the video, “Who hit the sixer”?

Phew! I am lost.  

What is this video a sneak preview of?  What is the blockbuster in the works? Whose film is it? What could the subject be?

The only thing I can be sure of though is - it surely will be a blockbuster.  Actor, Director, Dance & Music - all departments well helmed.  I must admit that Virat’s presence clean bowls me already.  Is he going to do a guest role in the film? Is it a Bollywood film at all? Or, are the Bollywood stars coming over for a cricket film?

What do you think?  Help me out with your guesses!  A TV documentary?  A TVC (TV Commercial)? A promotional video (if yes, for what)?

Here, take a look at the video and let me know:

The location and the shoot already seem to be in progress .. there is hectic activity in every still of this video.  I’m excited to know more about this summer blockbuster. How about you?

Ranbir Kapoor gracefully admits himself that its not his film, well, at least, to start with.

Virat’s repeatedly asking “who hit the sixer”;

Anurag clearly says he’s filled it with emotions & its his film.

Pritam tunes us in to say everyone’s danced to his music!

Terence has surely got everyone to dance!

Common, let’s get this Summer’s biggest blockbuster out fast .. shall we?

Cheers :)

Monday, 2 March 2015

My Zovi Denim Look: Denim Jacket & Denim Wedges

Denim is a key spring 2015 trend and the fashionista in me has been looking for some denim shopping.

Indigo Denim Jacket from Zovi

I fell oh-so-in love with this combination of an ever classic print, polka dot and an ever contemporary fabric, denim.

Not only does this Indigo denim fitted jacket top my Spring 2015 buy but is a sure keepsake in my wardrobe.

Complete with lapel collar & leap pocket at the front, it adds effortless luxe to casual dressing.

I love its light feel (it is light enough that i need to remind myself i'm wearing denim) & yet crisp fall.

I have paired the denim jacket with stretch white jeggings & baby pink racerback from collection.

Buy this Zovi Indigo Denim Fitted Jacket here

Zovi Denim Blue Wedges

Fashion matches, well, are made by smart fashion brands. 

I think Zovi specially made these Denim blue peep-toes especially for this Indigo denim fitted jacket.

I have a huge crush over its woven wedges & the indigo denim fabric criss-crossing for a snug fit. Even the elasticated ankle loop is a nice denim hue & luxe.

Buy Zovi Denim Wedges here

The Zovi Advantage - "You Pick, We Make"

The essence & highlight of shopping online from a caring brands as against a run-of-the mill eCom website, for me, is 'engagement'.

I think Zovi is able to line up these trends for us, especially because of their focus & commitment to 'engagement' with us fashionistas.

I'm quite impressed by their 'You Pick We Make' section.

In 'You Pick We Make', Zovi calls upon us to be virtual fashion buyers.  We choose and decide what gets put into production by Zovi. 

We can pick what we like by clicking the 'Like' button and drop what we don't like.  The best part: there are Zovi gift coupons to be won!

Isn't that superfun?  Its for real - the products receiving maximum likes come up for everyone of us to buy, online, in 30 days.  I have been following this up a bit and saw kurtas that were well liked already come up for sale online.  I think my next Zovi buy is going to be a beautiful Indian ethnic kurta top.

So, have fun, stay fashionable and let me know how you like my #BlogForZovi Denim look.

Cheers :)