Thursday, 5 March 2015

Coming soon .. This Summer's Biggest Blockbuster!

Well, born in a Nation where Cricket and Cinema are the undisputed first religions, often as at par and as together in enthralling the masses, it is only natural that my life is inexplicably entwined with these.

This video has wrapped me in a complete puzzle.

Some of the biggest stars from Cinema and Cricket together?

Ranbir Kapoor
Virat Kohli
Anurag Basu
Terence Lewis
.. all seen in the video, in roughly that order .. each claiming its his film & not the others’ film!

Now, what kind of an activity are the best actor, the best cricketer, a talented director, a well known musician and a renowned dancer coming together for?  

If its a film, why is Virat Kohli, the ace cricketer in it with repeated reminders, through the video, “Who hit the sixer”?

Phew! I am lost.  

What is this video a sneak preview of?  What is the blockbuster in the works? Whose film is it? What could the subject be?

The only thing I can be sure of though is - it surely will be a blockbuster.  Actor, Director, Dance & Music - all departments well helmed.  I must admit that Virat’s presence clean bowls me already.  Is he going to do a guest role in the film? Is it a Bollywood film at all? Or, are the Bollywood stars coming over for a cricket film?

What do you think?  Help me out with your guesses!  A TV documentary?  A TVC (TV Commercial)? A promotional video (if yes, for what)?

Here, take a look at the video and let me know:

The location and the shoot already seem to be in progress .. there is hectic activity in every still of this video.  I’m excited to know more about this summer blockbuster. How about you?

Ranbir Kapoor gracefully admits himself that its not his film, well, at least, to start with.

Virat’s repeatedly asking “who hit the sixer”;

Anurag clearly says he’s filled it with emotions & its his film.

Pritam tunes us in to say everyone’s danced to his music!

Terence has surely got everyone to dance!

Common, let’s get this Summer’s biggest blockbuster out fast .. shall we?

Cheers :)

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