Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Summer Graphic Tees from Zovi

The best thing about Summer?

Well, for me, its the burst of tropical sunlight, a palette of colors all around & summer fruits!

Just in time for Summer 2015,  Zovi has come up with a rather unique collection, very bright & beautiful:

Zovi Women's Graphic Tees

What instantly attracted me to this collection is the mélange of hues - from brilliant bright to pretty pastel.  Not to forget, ice cream pastels even made it to Pantone's Spring-Summer 2015 list.

Here's what I picked for myself:

Look 1

Zovi Remote Control Print T-Shirt:

Made from 100% cotton, I love its soft feel & texture.  Just right to absorb all the summer heat.
Best of all, I love the spunk & verve in this Graphic Tees collection.
This T-shirt says: "If I was meant to be controlled, I would have come with a Remote". Complete with a remote :)  Take note.  Its the verse that got this T-shirt to my shopping cart ahead of the other favorites listed elsewhere in this post!

The t-shirt (as do most in the collection) has a plain, solid back:

Zovi Pink Embellished Sandals:

I have always been in irrevocable love with strappy flats.  Zovi has a comprehensive collection of flats & heels and I picked this beauty to go with this T-shirt:

I paired the t-shirt & flats with mint green stretch, slim fit trousers from my collection and accessorized with an aventurine & amethyst gemstones stretch bracelet.

Like it?

Look 2

Zovi Birdie Lines Graphic Peach T-Shirt:

The classicist in me totally fell for this peach t-shirt with a classic print in mellow mauve hue.

Zovi Blue Embellished Sandals:

Yes, loved that too much to not have it in another bright color.  So paired this t-shirt with bright blue flats:

The flats looked perfect for the bright blue baggy trousers from my collection that I chose to pair the t-shirt with.  Accessorized with a stack of wooden bangles.

So, that's my pick. 

Of course, my list of favorites includes:

Zovi Dazed Flamingo Print T-Shirt

Zovi Illusionary Polygon T-Shirt

Zovi Dreamy Butterfly Girl Print T-Shirt

These graphic tees would, of course, be perfect with denim but I just chose to throw in more color with colored trousers.
Hope you loved the palette of colors in this #BlogForZovi blog post.  What's your pick?

Hail Summer! Happy Shopping!

Cheers :)