Monday, 27 April 2015

Celebrating Life

Life, for me, has always been a journey.  I set out, at the first dawn of consciousness, to ensure mine is a journey - uniquely mine - and not a guided tour anointed by others, no matter how well intentioned (or not).

For any of us who have relished traveling, we know what's most important in the journey is - not the destination per se - but the quality of the journey. 

Similarly, I reckon, life is a collection of moments strung together.  Moments big & small - but moments nevertheless - not months or years, not even days, for that matter, but the unit of time here is, 'a moment' or 'moments'.  Those rather inconspicuous nuggets of time many people disregard to later discover they usurped almost all if not a major part of their life!

Which brings us to the question: what augments the quality of a journey and therefore of life? It is precisely those factors that help celebrate life.  Here is my list:

1.  A Well Ventilated Home that nourishes body & soul:

Home is where it all begins.  Home is where the heart is.  A home is what anchors us. 

I would love a well ventilated home (all four sides please, like an apartment to a floor or an individual home/villa, purely for the quality of natural light & ventilation).  

Natural light & breeze are by far the best conditioners & healers I know.  Deprive people of those & substitute with artificial lighting & air - slowly but surely, people wilt as much as plants do with inorganic reinforcements.

2.  A Garden:

I love flora.  Flowering plants - especially hibiscus, plumeria - have been a part of my life since I was very young, thanks to my maternal grandfather & mother.  A garden adds not just to quality of air in & around the home, its a great way to unwind & undo stress.  Nothing, on a daily basis, connects me to nature - driving home the fact that nature is oh so supreme & why we need to live in harmony with it - not contravening it - more than a garden does.


I would therefore love a garden teeming with flowering plants - full of flowers of various hues.  It doesn't matter how small or how big the garden is.  Ideally, I would like a medium sized garden, preferably some plants on all four sides of the home. 

3.  An Outdoor Walking Track:

Surprised? is that the first ever time you have heard of that phrase? a walking track? yeah. I have always been disappointed that all advertisements (for real estate) mention 'jogging track'.  Hardly any mention a 'walking track' or a 'walking course'. 

I am a born, natural walker.  Love walking miles and miles (of course, with no burden or luggage, just a sling bag, if you will).  BUT (and I deliberately type that in capital letters), living in today's megalopolises gives so little safe leeway to walk.  There are no pavements, the beach is all littered & taken up & I am not talking treadmill walking.  I am talking walking along natural roads / paths, safe enough for walking from a traffic point of view.  Walking is said to do wonders to health.  I would love a dedicated walking path / track / trail closer home.  That would be bliss.

4.  A Tennis Court:

Tennis was & has always been my first love.  Though I stopped playing quite a while ago, have kept in touch through volunteering & as a spectator.  Merely hanging around a tennis court, often seeing young kids put racquet to a tennis ball - that sound of a tennis ball being pinged - is healing, to say the least.  

I would love a well appointed tennis court - preferably lawn :) I love lawn tennis courts, blame it on growing up in Delhi.  Nothing like the romance of lawn tennis, move over artificial turfs.

5.  A Shopping Mall:

Well, once a fashionista, always a fashionista.  Shopping is therapy.  I would love a well stocked mall that caters to pretty much everything from grocery to fashion apparel & accessories.  And, of course, if it can cater to the other love of my life - jewelry - we are all set :)

These are the things at the very top of my list that I need to lead a happy, nourishing, enriched life & celebrate every moment.  What are yours?

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Cheers :)