Friday, 17 April 2015

College Look with Zovi

Everything about college is easy, peppy, full of cheer & of course, nostalgic.

Just a bit ahead of a fresh college year in India, I did these 'College Looks' with Zovi:

Look 1: Deconstructed Striped Top:

Well, nautical has been reigning the trend list long enough now.  But, what I love about this top is its unusual construction, or, rather, deconstruction.

Stripes are usually vertical or horizontal; some offbeat apparel have diagonal.  This one is quite unique in that, it deconstructs to juxtapose vertical with horizontal.  Right away making it a collectible.

Made from cotton jersey, its super soft, smooth and very light to carry.  Needless to say, its a styling delight for it can be teamed up with a plethora of trousers / skirts & footwear - both hues as well as styles.

I have paired this Zovi Deconstructed Striped Top with slim fit black denim & Zovi Black Peep Toes:

You can find similar black denim as well as a range of other bottom wear options with Zovi here.

Look 2: Grey Printed Comfort Fit Trousers:

Like all things in this universe, I reckon, monochrome doesn't have to be black & white.  There's space enough for grey :)

Making a style statement in a rather understated way comes packed with this Zovi Grey Printed Comfort Fit Trousers.

I quite like its side zipper & comfort fit to coast through the humid summers.

I have teamed up the trousers with a layered, sheer black top from my collection & the aforesaid Zovi Black Peep Toes.

Take your pick of sheer & / or layered, ruffled black & other tops from Zovi here.

I have grown quite fond of the bow with silver accents the peep toes sport. Neat & stylish.

Like them?

Ah, gentlemen, don't feel left out - there's plenty much options for you as well.  Sample a look I put together for you (of course, assuming your college allows casual wear - should they play spoil sport, use this for the 'TGIF' Fridays and head to the sumptuous Zovi 'Formals' section for other weekdays ):

I am quite envious of the Zovi sports shoes range available for men.  You don't want to miss it fellas.

In this Men's College Look:

Zovi Slim Fit Casual Cotton White And Green Checkered Shirt

Zovi Slim Stretch Fit Light Blue Denim Jeans

Zovi Black Premium Sports Shoes With Neon Green Accents

Hope you enjoy my collection of #BlogForZovi 'College Looks'.

Cheers :)

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