Sunday, 26 April 2015

#CrashThePepsiIPL Advertisements - My Take - 1

For someone who's been a self-appointed Ad(vertisement) Critic from time immemorial, #CrashThePepsiIPL campaign by Pepsi - wherein anyone can make an ad, upload it onto Pepsi and try to Crash the Pepsi IPL with their ad being played on prime time television - has been happy hunting ground.

Here are some ads that caught my attention & in deserving cases, appreciation as well:


In an age & time when advertisements, spanning all of a few seconds, require mega directors, ensemble blockbuster cast, exotic shooting locales, mighty budgets, renowned music directors, famed cinematographers & big media agencies - this ad is my favorite rejoinder.  It reminds us that the most important part of a creative is, still (mega money and star power notwithstanding) THE IDEA.  And, that idea can be executed effectively to convey the message to the target audience - without the trappings of mega advertising kingdoms!

Effectively executed ads often also are an indicator of another important aspect - the clarity of thought that goes into the making of the ad. 

This ad works for me because its idea is at the heart of the tournament (IPL) - teams from different parts of the Country - serving up a sumptuous cricket feast.  India is a cuisine treasure hunt.  This ad brings that into play - presenting delectable representatives from the cuisines of each of the IPL teams' home cities, with an interesting audio clipping of actual cricket match commentary for that team playing in the background (slick editing that) and serves it all up with Pepsi. 

No human casting in the ad,  yet a message so effectively conveyed.  There must have been very little video editing to do - given that the table is well laid out with all the food items arranged sequentially  - but audio editing more than makes up for it.

A simple ad with a clear message!

Rajma - Upma

If the aforesaid ad drew from India's cuisine treasure hunt, this one picks that exactly up as well.  After all, food & drink is how India celebrates - to accompany cricket and movies, of course.

This ad adds a further dimension - of India's prized 'Unity in Diversity'.

Two couples - one each from the North & South of India - on a travel break - embark on a refreshment break.

Trademark cuisine then plays out with each side displaying their crown jewels, so to speak - until both of them - unaware of what is next in the other's repository - pull out a bottle of Pepsi - to recognize how we unite even though we are diverse. 

I quite like that human touch.  This ad of course has meticulous casting, apt background locale & all the other elements. 

Hope you liked my take on #CrashThePepsiIPL advertisements.

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Cheers :)