Sunday, 12 April 2015

Mom's Magic Kota

As a kid, I had a huge crush on Mom's Kota sarees - named after Kota in Rajasthan, India.  I loved their light weight, checkered weave & the almost trademark border patches.

Mom loves Kota sarees for their light weight.  As I grew up, often, Mom would remind me to buy some Kota sarees for myself. "I hardly wear sarees these days Mom.  Its come down much", was my excuse and I never got around to buying a saree in the recent past. [When I worked, at least, for most meetings in India, I wore sarees - because it made the room full of gentlemen take the often lone woman professional seriously - and not the petite girl my western or other Indian attire manifested me as].

A while ago, while just browsing through after lunch, quite randomly, I chanced upon this beautiful pink-and-green Kota saree. 

That made me think Mom's Kota saree collection hasn't had a recent addition either.

Mom's constant admonition [that I should not be adding to her collection anymore but be concentrating on my life goals] notwithstanding, I struck an instant #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal for this beautiful Kota saree.

It was a deal worth snatching.  This feminine saree, pomegranate and olive hued, is so light yet so pretty that its a draper's delight.  I particularly loved the peacock feather print on its pallu (the loose end of a saree, that falls over the shoulder). To add to its charm, its hand block printed, which makes it almost handmade art given the density of its floral print.

Of course, the saree promptly got delivered and I was gleeful to present it to Mom.  She loved the choice.  That is, to start with.

She received it after much persuasion (and "oh I already have enough", said a million times).

That taken care of, I eagerly waited to see Mom drape it.  A fortnight gone & when I didn't see any signs of a release, almost gave up asking her.

Then, on my career anniversary (the day I had begun working) - though I am currently on a break - Mom surprised me with a gift, neatly wrapped.  Touched that she would inspire me to remember and celebrate the day even during a break - something so unconditional that only a Mother could - I immediately opened the gift - to find this Kota saree in there! Looking up at her with eyes blending tears for her thoughtfulness to celebrate the day & protest to admonish the saree being gifted to me, I asked "but why this?".  Mom just said "You have to start (she meant collecting my own Kota sarees). Start over. Life's all about checks and balances - find your balance by checkmating it".  Enough said.  Mom had cast her quota of magic, oops, Kota of magic on me.  This saree will be a keepsake in my collection for the rest of this lifetime.

I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.

Cheers :)

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