Monday, 13 April 2015

My List: Best Video Advertisements on Indian Television

Well, well .. long before I started playing fashion police, I was already a well-entrenched ad(vertisement) police. Self-appointed though.  I love(d) watching video advertisements and as with all other things, am fiercely opinionated, complimenting & critiquing video advertisements I catch, first on television and then on the worldwide web, in that order (of their debut).

Super glad to blog about some of my most favorite video ad(vertisement)s ever:

Before we get to my list, how long do you reckon should a good video advertisement run for (time, in seconds or minutes)?  Even more importantly, exactly how long could a good video advertisement enjoy recall? Ah, trust me - I have the answer for the latter question - out of personal experience - its a lifetime!  Here goes my list, in the order of their impact for a lifetime:

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Ad:

I LOVE ads with 'emotion(s)'.  This one is a classic example.  The cast is so innocent, the girl/woman is NOT an object but a refreshing personality and the ad has oodles of emotion.  Of course, scripting, production quality, casting, fashion quotient (love what she is wearing - floral dress cinched with that belt) all in place.  This is a very old ad - I don't even exactly know the year of release.  The very day it was released, I fell for this ad and it has remained etched in my memory.  The girl/woman model in the video ad is 'Shimona Rashi' - I still vividly remember.  Her uninhibited & natural presence in this ad makes it a legend for me.

Take a bet with me, this ad surely sold more for any product advertiser than today's ads that most often use a woman's body to sell.  Make no mistakes, she still is the major pivot around which this Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate ad revolves around & her dress does sway in the breeze - but there isn't an iota of manifestation of her as an object. 

The signature line is 'real taste of life' (presented in Hindi of course) & oh boy, isn't it so delectable! 

Gosh .. I articulated so much about one ad that I now must contain my articulation so I can present more ads in this blog post without it ending up too unwinding & long.

Dhara Cooking Oil Jalebi Ad:

The kid is THE superstar but love the emotion, yet again, in the ad.  Also love the role the friendly postman uncle plays, reminiscent of a close-knit, safe society of those times!

Hamara Bajaj Scooter Ad:

Thanks to this wholesome ad, the Bajaj scooter was always known as 'Hamara Bajaj' (Our Bajaj) - such a fitting tribute to an ad that is so inclusive & celebratory of India's diversity - do not miss the women driving a scooter as way back as 1989 - when no major 'corporate social responsibility' or 'women inclusion' mandates were in place.  This is what I call responsible advertising.  Tell me a walk of life or a facet of this Country's diversity this ad does not touch upon.  With so much sincerity and emotion as well. Kudos.

Amul 'The Taste of India' Ad:

Brimming with emotion, again encompassing the diverse length & breadth of the Country & weaving in social constituents (the elephant also gets a taste), this ad is an emotional high.

Maruti Suzuki 'India Comes Home in a Maruti' Ad:

No phoney takes here, real emotion woven from every social fabric out there - I particularly love the guy holding the placard 'Need to get home for Diwali', asking for a lift.  India does surely get home for Diwali - whether you are a soldier, an astronaut or a doctor.  And what a way to show they do it on a Maruti!

Limca Ad:

The tag line goes 'Haseen Lamhe Ko Chura Lo' (steal the fond moments) and this ad sure does what it preaches! Drenches us in fond moments & quenches the thirst for clean & effective advertising.

hmm.. lest you think I am nostalgically obsessed and can only bring up ads that are nearly or well over a decade old, no, wait .. there are some rare gems in current times too .. here goes one such ad:

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Ad:

Trust me, its sheer coincidence that I began this blog post with a Cadbury's ad & am ending it with one.  This one - classic in its appeal (I am sure twenty years from now, it will be as fondly articulated about as the aforesaid golden oldies) and yet contemporary in its presentation, this is a recent ad - in times of item songs & what I believe is overtly unapologetic use of women's bodies in the visual media.  Brilliantly cast & shot, all that is even visible are the models' faces - with such brilliant emoting.  Of course, Nimrat Kaur (the female model, now an actress) has a smile to launch an armada & emoting to make an impact for a lifetime.

Hope you liked my picks .. I have a few more favorites, but am running out of optimal blog post length .. so this is it for now .. what's your pick?

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Cheers :)