Monday, 13 April 2015

My List: Worst Video Advertisements on Indian Television

Well, well .. long before I started playing fashion police, I was already a well-entrenched ad(vertisement) police. Self-appointed though.  I loved watching video advertisements and as with all other things, am fiercely opinionated, complimenting & critiquing video advertisements I catch, first on television and then on the worldwide web, in that order (of their debut).

This is a sequel to my earlier post on some of my most favorite video ads ever; its only consequential that I also write about my own list of advertising Razzies, as if it were.

Here are the video ad(vertisement)s I dislike as ever with sound reasons:

Airtel myPlan series of ads:

There are a series (I have seen about 4 or 5) different video ads under this 'myPlan' theme in 2015, essentially to showcase that 'myPlan' allows sharing of one's postpaid plan with as many as 5 family members.  I dislike every one of them (while I have presented only one of them above).

What do I dislike?  Here goes:

1.  Why on earth is a brand as big as Airtel pandering to the great Indian patriarchy?  Only dads own those postpaid plans? None of the Moms, Sisters, Wife, can own postpaid plans that they will share with the family?  If this is what renowned brands do with as potent a medium as video ads, God save this Country - is my strong opinion.

2.  Well, playing tricks can be a cute act of mischief but why do I strongly feel this series is actually showcasing pre-meditated tricking of one's own father / family member for a monetary benefit?  Is that what we want our youngsters / kids to imbibe? Wouldn't it be possible to show how they go out of their way - all heart, soul & intent - to win over an elder so that elder's postpaid plan can be shared? 

Axe Deodorant Ad(s):

I dislike a series of Axe Deo ads that I have lost count.  This video compilation pretty much sums up my angst.  Makes me squirm & ask myself over and over again, "isn't there a more respectable way to sell a deo?".

Colgate Active Salt Toothpaste ad:

This ad beats all logic for me, to start with, the way Kareena Kapoor appears.  Well, yeah, I had heard cinema could be suspension of belief, but an ad for a real product? Seriously?

In my opinion, as such, the product has a tough proposition - asks if "toothpaste has salt"? Almost converting the washroom to the kitchen! And, this video ad just made the product's proposition all the more tougher - if not defeatist.

That is a brief list -- I sure have more candidates but am running out of optimum blog post length so stopping here for now. What's your Razzies pick?

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Cheers :)