Thursday, 16 April 2015

#WashBucketChallenge: My Dad 's experiments as he tried to #ShareTheLoad

Well, it all started a while ago when BlogAdda asked "Is Laundry Only A Woman's Job?".  The activity was in association with Ariel.

I poured my heart out in this earlier post & there has been much linen washed in public about how pathetic statistics are when it comes to laundry and its being identified primarily with women!

Then came the call for action.  It was time for the #WashBucketChallenge - time to get the gentlemen to #ShareTheLoad.

All good things begin at home, so did the #WashBucketChallenge & #ShareTheLoad initiative.

My pack of Ariel Matic arrived for the #WashBucketChallenge and I marched towards dad, armed with it.

Now, interestingly, my dad has always helped mom with household chores.  I know, that makes him a rare specie of his ilk, probably not from Mars.  Somewhere in their long married life, between managing careers, the household, their posterity & mom's arthritis, they seem to have struck just the right balance.  Senior citizens both, its lovely to see them share their life & life's load together.

It was relatively easy for me to recruit dad into the laundry department - given that he was already dabbling in household chores.  I added an incentive, "Well dad, I will observe & chronicle your tryst and guess what, you could win a brand new Whirlpool Fully Automatic Washing Machine." That did it, because Dad is looking to replace their Whirlpool with a brand new Whirlpool!

Dad's tryst with the #WashBucketChallenge:

1.  To begin with, he didn't know how to segregate the laundry load.  Mom had to step in & train: "whites separate, colors separate, cotton for a load, sheer fabrics for another", she demonstrated.  That worked.

2.  Dad didn't know exactly how much detergent to use.  Loved to hear Mom admonishing, "Its not ice cream.  One two many scoops will result in 'clothes in, tatters out".  This didn't go well with Dad - he rebuked, "Well, have you seen Ariel advertisement? Its tough on stains, but soft on clothes".  Mom wisely avoided the argument trap and Dad dutifully went back to the laundry & the washing machine.

3.  Dad next learnt the programming.  Which type of wash to use in the Whirlpool top loading washing machine.  How much water level to select.  Mom showed off, "this is algorithmic as well, you will learn as we go on".  And, to dad's credit, he sure did.

Over the next two weeks, hurray, Dad's learning cycle has improved leaps & bounds and he is now a laundry pro.  He loves how Ariel Matic removes stains from his khadi whites (he is an avid cyclist & can't avoid dust & stains from his everyday exploration). 

Thanks Ariel & BlogAdda for this #WashBucketChallenge & #ShareTheLoad initiative across the country.  Awareness is the start of spring cleaning, ain't it? Even attitudes need spring cleaning and we have well and truly begun.

To continue the good work, I nominate the following friends:

Aryan Sarath
Balaji Vijayaraghavan
Sathya Narayanan
Chirag Gupta

Cheers :)

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