Sunday, 12 April 2015

Way to my heart through the jewelry chest :)

For a girl my generation, born with reasonable intellect & fiercely opinionated as I am, its rather strange & beyond my comprehension that I tend to take most decisions with my heart & intuition. I sure think with my mind - lest you think of it as impulsive - but I ultimately act with my heart.  To explain, if two choices have the same logical attributes, I would go with the choice my heart leans towards - led by intuition.  I think that emanates from being a woman (blessed with more than average empathy, sensitivity & care as compared to the gentlemen).   

Over the years though, I have noticed, acting with the heart seldom lets one down - intuition and connecting to one's deeper self being inherent to following one's heart.  Even when decisions taken with the heart don't turn out the way they ought to - it still doesn't leave a bitter, empty feeling - because one tried one's best and really wanted to pursue that decision path with all our heart.  To not pursue it would have, in fact, left a void - sealed for a lifetime - quite like the famous 'loafed & lost' proverb.

Many months ago, in the middle of a career break & conscious of curtailing my spend on the love of my life - jewelry, a sea green fashion jewelry necklace caught my eyeballs & attention - on Snapdeal's twitter timeline - as a sale photo. It was love at first sight for the jewellerista in me. The photo of the necklace was part of the sale announcement - that was it.  There wasn't even a link to it anywhere on the timeline or sale pitches.

I immediately scoured Snapdeal's mobile App & later website to locate the necklace.  And, in the process at least half a dozen other items of fashion jewelry.  Some embellished with semi-precious stones and the rest, pure costume jewelry.  Promptly adding each to my Snapdeal wish list.

That was the blissful part.  What followed was painful, to say the least.  My mind went over the already growing collection I have, the need to spend responsibly & curtail discretionary spends in the midst of a career break and related thoughts. The heart however simply wanted those. 

Caught in this tug of war between mind and heart, I kept sizing up the wish list and ended up adding 7 items of jewelry to my Snapdeal shopping cart.  That would be it, I chided myself.  Then, left them in the cart for a few more days (if I am right, four days) - the longest I had taken to make a purchase - I am usually a 'heart driven' instant shopper.

Seventh day though, when I opened the shopping cart, something happened within - the heart triumphed.  It just helped that Snapdeal was running a whopping #DilKiDeal of 40% off jewelry.  In split seconds, I closed the purchase on Snapdeal, ending up spending a little over Rs.1,500 for a shopping cart actually worth / priced at nearly Rs.2,500.

And here is a part of my haul, with that sea green necklace taking prime space in it:

The goodies arrived promptly and had a rather unexpected magical impact on me - in the midst of a gruesome stalking nightmare, my heart had been pushing me to fight back & return it back in kind - but the mind had constantly wanted to push for a truce - and I had lost loads of time, peace of mind & health in the meantime.  Within days of this #DilKiDeal haul arriving, taken in by the fact that I could - after all, have what matters to me - I chose dignity and self-respect and took baby steps to fight my stalker & his empire - and give back in the same measure as I receive.

For those of us who can't relate to the connection here - the hues of the jewelry, the translucence of that semi-precious stone cocktail ring - reminded me of the colors I had filled my life with - with care & hard work.  This, coupled with the fact that I actually managed to get what my heart wanted at a deal that my mind was at peace with propelled my thinking that - no, I can't let dignity, self-respect, labor of a lifetime and freedom be snatched away from me - no matter what.  I need to regain my ability to fill my life with the colors I want & have worked a lifetime for.

Looking back at this story, for this blog post, makes me grateful for not just that #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal jewelry haul but also for the magic it worked on me!

Oh, wait, lest this seems a promotional post, here are the order details - to reiterate the credibility of my story [have provided exact order number that can help establish order date but have masked address, phone number, date of delivery to protect privacy]:

If my memory serves me right, I bought these on the Snapdeal mobile App and have now taken these screenshots from my web browser.   

I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal

Cheers :)

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