Thursday, 14 May 2015

#CrashThePepsiIPL Advertisement Videos - My Vote - 2

Well, as you know, the Pepsi India #CrashThePepsiIPL advertisements gallery is among (if not) the largest pool of crowd sourced advertisement videos in India.

I am bringing our readers some more of my favourite ads from the Finalists Gallery - the ones I am surely voting for.  Go on, pick your favourites and vote for them - voting closes tomorrow, May 15, 2015.  Originally slated to close today, May 14th, the voting close deadline has been extended by a day until tomorrow, so make the most of it.

Metric Pass:

The message the ad tries to convey is that Pepsi is beyond generations - generations change, but the taste doesn't - its awesomeness stays the same.  To illustrate change of generations, it utilizes a lady covering her face (with the traditional 'ghoongat') and shows the new gen lady, red lipstick in tow. What I loved the most about this ad is the wigs the guys have on! 

Hameshaa (English translation - Always):

Very slickly shot ad, has an inherent message - team loyalties may change, but loyalty to Pepsi stays solid.  Pepsi transcends teams and geographies. I love the play of team jersey-look alike tees.  Love the facial expression of the brown tee team guy who shares the only bottle of pepsi available in round 2, with the member of the other team :) Apt casting that. 

Company bole toh Pepsi [English Translation - "If you crave Company, you need Pepsi"]:

This was amongst the ads I voted in the first lot; this ad also got my vote on more than one day.  The ad makes us reflect - "what do we need for good company?". What do we need to enjoy ourselves? Good ambience or good food or good company or all of them? And concludes Pepsi is all we need for great company.  Dispense with the rest.  And, on that note, I quite love the way the guy dispenses with & calls upon pretty much anything, at his whim & fancy, be it decor or food or friends! Mister Magic!

Zindagi Abhi [English Translation - Life Now (or) Live it Now]:

Deriving from Pepsi's "Live It Abhi" or "Live it Now" tagline, this ad is an r(h)apsodic tribute to the crowd sourcing campaign.  Fleets past varied milieu & reasons why its important to enjoy the present and live in the now.  Rich and slick.  

Duniya Hai Pepsi [English Translation - Pepsi makes the World]:

There is a little bit of Pepsi in all of us, professes this ad.  And convincingly so. Unfolding in a campus canteen, the ad depicts how the bubbly Pepsi can turn a dull day into a harmonious one and how Pepsi bonds us all together in our love for it. The speed with which that bottle of Pepsi goes around makes me think, oh yes, the world is round and Pepsi seems to be making it go around! 

I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?

Cheers :)