Thursday, 9 July 2015

How to maintain a Sunny Disposition despite the Sun - 5 tips:

Well, I know, many parts of the Country are already supposed to experience the onset of Monsoon, but wait, in as intensely tropical a Country as ours, does the sun really take a vacation? The answer is a resounding no. 

So, whether it is technically categorized as summer or not, we have a tryst with sun most if not all of the year.  

What therefore could we do best to equip ourselves? How do we maintain a sunny disposition (pun intended) despite the sun? 

Here are my top beauty secrets, if you will: 

1.  Water, water & more water: 

I know - everyone everywhere says water is the elixir of life.  Its easier said than done.  But, trust me, it is achievable.  I have trained my system to regularly ask for & enjoy drinking water. Yes, the body can be attuned to seek water at regular intervals - just keep pumping it with moderate water at regular intervals for an extended period of time - body attunes, rejoices and then expects water.  

To begin with, if water is not exactly what enthuses you, substitute with coconut water and natural fruit juices. 

2.  Sun Tan Remover / De-Tan Cream: 

Oh yes, sunscreen is a life staple and I don't even want to mention that as a secret any more.  But, tell me, has sunscreen (even SPF with ridiculously high numeric values) prevented tanning for you? No, not for me.  As a result, bleaching had been my only 'undo tan' mechanism, for years.  Despite the possible negative effects bleaching has on skin, not to mention that it cannot be all too frequent, many of us have resorted to bleaching for lack of alternatives.  Then, I recently got to this 'Spinz De-Tan Sun Tan Remover Cream'.  

For the undo generation that we are, I love this 'undo tan' solution.  

The Spinz de-tan cream provides a radiant, de-tanned look in just 5 minutes.  Best of it all: It has no bleach and has milk, lemon and honey for key ingredients.  I can use it a lot more frequently than bleach [but definitely not more than once a day though, as a basic health metric].  

Here’s how to use it:

Just wet the skin area (face, arms, legs), apply Spinz de-tan sun tan remover cream as a thick layer, leave it on for 5 minutes and wash with water and pat dry.  Voila, its salon like de-tanning without the hefty bill. 

I used it to de-tan my arms so I could wear a fancy armlet ["Baaju Band" in Hindi language] for a wedding this season.  Loved the result. 

Spinz de-tan sun tan remover cream is available in all chemists & trade stores in three sizes - single use sachet (pictured in this post) at Rs.10, a 25 gm tube at Rs.49 and 50 gm Tube (pictured in this post) at Rs.89. 

To know more: 

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Twitter Hashtag: #SpinzBanTheTan 

3.  Fresh fruits: 

Sunny detox for me is all about replenishing my body.  And what better way to do it than fruits.  Come to think of it, nature is infinitely wiser in how it endows us with such a vast array of natural summer fruits, be it the humble watermelon or the citrus fruits or the king of fruits mango.  
A healthy intake of at least 3 portions of fruit each sunny day can do wonders for your body and skin from within.  Just incorporate it in the daily schedule [such as, when commuting, when watching TV etc.] seamlessly. 

4.  Cotton: 

Well, we are such a draped culture as opposed to a stitched culture, aren't we?  Never mind.  Just make sure you clothe yourself in cool cottons on sunny days.  Cotton acts as a natural ventilator and takes care of body heat.  

Its possible today, thanks to fashion forward trends, to find immaculately tailored cotton garments for the perfect fit - be it ethnic, western or fusion wear.  Go for it gals. 

5.  Sunglasses and Umbrella: 

This is gospel.  While most of us don't step out without sunglasses, the real secret here is the umbrella bit.  As much as you are put off by the idea of carrying an extra piece of accessory, invest in a light, trendy looking, dark hued umbrella and it will shade you to keep you healthy and beautiful on all sunny days. 

Hope you love my beauty tips for sunny days; let me know yours and how you do with these. 

Cheers :)