Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Where do I want to go? My Travel Wish List

For a change, of all my wish lists, this one is not a fashion wish list :-)  Its a travel wish list.  Of the top five favorite travel destinations I would like to visit, again and again.

I think nothing widens horizons in life as travel.  For me, travel, personally, signifies learning more than leisure (though I could be unwinding on a break, as travel has unanimously come to be identified in our generation). 

Let's check-in to my top five favorite travel destinations, the whys and whatnot:


From its textiles, gems & jewelry to its destination wedding quotient, Rajasthan lures the fashionista cum jewellerista cum romantic in me, to the hilt.

From bandhani to block printing, Rajasthani textiles had me wrapped all over (pun intended) very early in life;

I love the vibrant colors, the play of motifs, the quality of craftsmanship - to me, its a celebration of India at its best.

As a fond & born jewellerista, I can tell you Jaipur (in Rajasthan) is the place to go to if one wants to buy gemstones.   

In a land like India that is a treasure trove of ornamentation legacy, we pretty much have jewels for everything.  This one, is a turban jewel and I can't stop taking in its spectacular play of colors and translucent gem stones. Just my kind of thing. 

Intricate jewelry forms such as Jadau & Meenakari, among many others, are from Rajasthan.

Already the established traditional wedding destination leader in India, Rajasthan's pink hued & lake palaces are a big draw for me.


Boom! If you think that moving to Colombia from Rajasthan is pole vaulting, fret not - its a fine gem that connects my penchant for both - yes, emeralds.  Colombian emeralds at that. 

Ever since I know myself, I have been in love with colored gem stones - the more translucent the more my love (I reckon, others would call it obsession).

The Colombian emerald has a distinguishing hue & translucence that completely awes me. 

I dream of visiting Colombia at least once this lifetime to pick my very own emeralds.  What would I make with them? Oh, for a start, a very Indian neckpiece, such as this one :)  

Oh wait, that is just for the starters.  The list is pretty unwinding punctuated by dangling earrings, statement pendants & cocktail rings. 


Paris is every fashionista's dream come true.  I would love to visit during the Fashion Week(s)! 

From the ramps to the champs (elysees), its an onlooker's paradise.

Needless to say, its shopping heaven.

From the Eiffel tower to French architecture, there is plenty much to visit & photograph.


Blame it on Yash Chopra, if you will, we can't be Indian without nursing a penchant for Switzerland.  Growing up on his movies eulogizing (through camera speak) Switzerland's Alps, valleys and pristine nature, its always the gold standard in vacationing.

I would love to criss cross Switzerland in the trains with spectacular views, play with snow & the cows :)

The chocolates of course, for an already incurably shopaholic me, would easily constitute more baggage on the way back. 

I would love to hop into Germany from there, for, I am a loyal German football fan by birth :)

Abu Dhabi:

This one is entirely because of Formula 1 (F1) and the Yas Marina circuit. Since its advent on the F1 circuit, this has become my fascination.  I would love to visit and watch the F1 race live - even from the yachts anchored nearby :)

The circuit is what I call seven star and its breathtaking views, especially when all lit up, adds to its aura.

hmm.... those are all expensive propositions, you reckon? Well, when penchant vies with price, it often triumphs the latter :)

Thanks to the Internet of things and economy, we have that gospel of modern e-commerce to our rescue: the 'coupons'.

Coupons open a world of savings for me, helping me derive more experience for my money.

Take, for example; to plan these trips, I could utilize all of these coupons up right now:

Goodness me, there are 211 active coupons and 52 active offers as I blog.

Let's take a look at some of the gems: this coupon appeals to me for the instant cashback of Rs.12,000 on international flight tickets:

The next one gives fifty percent off hotel bookings, voila! 

Name it and we have it! there are even coupons for twenty five percent excess baggage (currently on Air India flights). That's just perfect for the shopaholic me who brings a big part of my travel back with me in assorted souvenirs - from jewelry & gemstones to souvenirs such as ostrich egg, boomerang (yeah, I brought them from South Africa and Australia respectively) and collectibles.

There is another coupon that gives me up to eighteen percent off an entire Rajasthan package :)

That is not all - coupons can be browsed by category, including jewelry :) And they span the alpha (sites) and beta of the e-commerce landscape. Check them out.

Hope you enjoy this post.  This post is my entry to the 27coupons Autumn Blogging contest.  If you would like to take part, just jump in and submit your blog post - oh by the way, while you submit, could you please put in my email ID (which is, in the 'referred by' field?  On that note, happy discovering coupons and happy blogging!

Cheers :) 

My Ruffled Hem Ladies Blazer from Dresslink

Well, wish lists are for fulfilling, what say?

That brings us to my Dresslink wish list.  Saw my earlier post?

I now have & can flaunt the Ruffled Hem Ladies Blazer.

I ordered it in Royal Blue color & received it under a week after ordering, complete with shipment tracking number and status.

I would classify myself as a romantic fashionista - in a lifelong romance with ruffles & sheer besides hues & colors.

I crave that feminine touch in every apparel & accessory. 

I love blazers and have a good collection already but often rue that blazers could easily make do with a (lot) more feminine touch besides just the colors. 

So, when this ruffled hem ladies blazer from Dresslink caught my eyes, it naturally caught my fancy first & my shopping cart soon thereafter.

Take a look:

Made from polyester, this blazer is light weight yet optimally thick enough for a nice fit and fall.

It comes with silky lining; I love its puff sleeves to go with its superstar feature - the layered ruffled hem giving it an unmistakable feminine touch. 

The blazer is available in 4 colors, so take your pick.

I haven't seen such layered hem blazers in India across brands / outlets (online and offline). 

Besides, I find Dresslink the best value for money option.  Even shipping cost me just USD 7.50 approximately. In addition, one can also get cash coupon for registering + credits for shopping + credits for reviewing, all of which can be used for the next order.

Dresslink's customer service via email is responsive and timely.

When I was just checking out, I chanced upon this professional soft makeup brush and promptly added it to my shopping cart.  

Given my under-eye dark circles (which, a la SRK's quote, run upto my knees), this is now my best concealer brush.

Hope you like my picks - go grab yours.

And await more of my wish list to be reviewed here :)

Cheers :)