Wednesday, 2 September 2015

My Ruffled Hem Ladies Blazer from Dresslink

Well, wish lists are for fulfilling, what say?

That brings us to my Dresslink wish list.  Saw my earlier post?

I now have & can flaunt the Ruffled Hem Ladies Blazer.

I ordered it in Royal Blue color & received it under a week after ordering, complete with shipment tracking number and status.

I would classify myself as a romantic fashionista - in a lifelong romance with ruffles & sheer besides hues & colors.

I crave that feminine touch in every apparel & accessory. 

I love blazers and have a good collection already but often rue that blazers could easily make do with a (lot) more feminine touch besides just the colors. 

So, when this ruffled hem ladies blazer from Dresslink caught my eyes, it naturally caught my fancy first & my shopping cart soon thereafter.

Take a look:

Made from polyester, this blazer is light weight yet optimally thick enough for a nice fit and fall.

It comes with silky lining; I love its puff sleeves to go with its superstar feature - the layered ruffled hem giving it an unmistakable feminine touch. 

The blazer is available in 4 colors, so take your pick.

I haven't seen such layered hem blazers in India across brands / outlets (online and offline). 

Besides, I find Dresslink the best value for money option.  Even shipping cost me just USD 7.50 approximately. In addition, one can also get cash coupon for registering + credits for shopping + credits for reviewing, all of which can be used for the next order.

Dresslink's customer service via email is responsive and timely.

When I was just checking out, I chanced upon this professional soft makeup brush and promptly added it to my shopping cart.  

Given my under-eye dark circles (which, a la SRK's quote, run upto my knees), this is now my best concealer brush.

Hope you like my picks - go grab yours.

And await more of my wish list to be reviewed here :)

Cheers :)